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Ellmers blames Obama for supercommittee failures

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers, R-N.C., is the latest to blame President Obama for the failure of a congressional bipartisan “supercommittee” to cut $1.2 trillion from federal deficits. The lack of an agreement generated a new groundswell of bickering this week as members of Congress blamed the opposition's party for failing to come to terms on taxes, spending and Social Security.

“President Obama and his party in Congress are acting like spoiled children,” she said in a statement. “They take what they want and have a meltdown in the candy aisle when a responsible parent tells them 'no!'


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Why didn't Renee listen to the "responsible parent(s)" of the 2nd District in August when they told her "no" on extending the debt ceiling?  Instead of having a meltdown in the candy asile, she just cozied right up to the establishment and voted for the increase.

OldRebelLee is spot on when he writes, "She seems more and more like a Republican and less and less like a true member of the Tea Party. Funny how folks can change once they are elected."

It's George Bush's fault, obviously.

Blame it on Bush like everything else.  With Obie it is always someone else's fault.  I think that is some type personality disorder but if it works with the voters then so be it.

No way

How could it be Obama's fault? Who does Renee think he is? The President? No, it is the fault of the soft & lazy American people. And Fox news. And those who will not step aside so the guy behind you can get by. Does that apply to the lines on Black Friday? So I can come late and go to the front?

Yes Yes!

Yes this is Emporer Obama's evil plot. Horrible economy puts him in a better position to get re-elected. What a great strategy! Now if he can just figure out how to stop all that foreign affairs success and he may be able to become King of the US forever!!!MUWHAHAHA. That's my evil laugh.

Only in America can a legislative body be unable to come to an agreement (yes Democrats included) and then blame others for their inadequacies.




Very funny to see Rep. Ellmers complaining about one party having a meltdown...apparently she is not aware of her party's similar behavior.

She seems more and more like a Republican and less and less like a true member of the Tea Party. Funny how folks can change once they are elected.

Or maybe that is the real person.

Totally agree!  I further

Totally agree!  I further think this super committee was established with the idea that it would fail and provide fire for Obama seeking re-election in 2012.

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