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Ellmers against I-95 tolls

U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers opposes the I-95 tolls plan. The Dunn Republican charges that residents in her district would be disproportionately affected since a major portion of the highway runs through the region. She sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Transportation Wednesday calling for an economic impact study on local business and residents.

Last month, North Carolina won preliminary approval from the Federal Highway Administration to collect tolls on Interstate 95 to pay for a $4.4 billion widening project.

“While I recognize the need to maintain I-95, paying for the construction through a highway tax could be devastating to residents and small businesses along the I-95 corridor,” Ellmers wrote.

Bruce Siceloff reports that the state Department of Transportation is proposing to overhaul all 182 miles of the four-lane interstate between the South Carolina and Virginia borders. To pay for it, DOT wants to collect tolls from drivers on I-95, which was built with tax dollars.

When tolling starts in 2019, a car driving all the way between South Carolina and Virginia probably would be tolled $19.20, DOT says. Tolls for heavy trucks would be higher.

Ellmers said she’s heard from many residents concerned about the tolls. She said the NCDOT did not give enough consideration to alternative ways to pay for the construction. She said the NCDOT proposal would also encourage trucks and cars to avoid the tolls and instead use less durable secondary roads that will have to be repaired.

Roberto Canales, a DOT engineer involved in the I-95 plans, said DOT is conducting further study of its toll proposal and its effects on businesses and drivers.  Drivers would make their own decisions about whether to use I-95 or switch to a toll-free road, he said.

“Certainly, people driving trucks and cars will have to weigh the cost of the added fuel they will burn, and the added time they will spend, if they decide to make diversions. That’s part of the study," Canales said.

Rep. Mike McIntyre, a Lumberton Democrat, also "is opposed to tolling in North Carolina," spokesman Dean Mitchell said by email. "He has heard from both individuals and businesses who are concerned about the impact that tolling will have on their pocketbooks." 


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I-95 Tolls

Make 'em all pay tolls ; the more you use the more you pay.

This is the American way unless you are a neo-con Repukecan !

If you got money for a car and fuel you got money for tolls !

Maybe you should eat less and use that money for tolls instead !

I-95 plan illegal .. not in best interests of taxpayers

US DOT National Highway Administration laws require any tolls collected be used solely for the "free"way project.  N.C. DOT figures project taking in $30 Billion for a project costing $16 Billion.  Where will NC politicians spend that extra $14 Billion? 

see by Dave Tanner
"ANALYSIS: I-95 tolls would cost $30 billion to pay $16 billion tab"

I assume you caught the part the private contractor is blessed with profit plus guaranteed toll rate increases of 2.5% a year. 

Have you caught the January Congressional Budget Office Study 'Using Private Public Partnerships to Build Roads" documents there is no free money, toll roads are not in the best interest of taxpaying voters.  (Links to documentation are not allowed .. cbo)

Toll roads guarantee profit for private, usually foreign, corporations running the show.  Toll roads provide protection for elected officials from constituents complaining about the condition of the roads.  No official need mention raising taxes because they signed leases allowing the corporations to raise toll charges.  The politicians can kiss babies and 'feel the pain' doing nothing to interfer with prime concern of being re-elected.





Toll Roads so 1775

The gas tax now pays for half of what it did when the Interstates were first built.  We cannot have modern roads maintained at half price. Yet toll roads are so 1775.  No wonder we find people objecting to going back 200+ years for solutions which were abandoned. 

I pay tolls on NC 147. Glad

I pay tolls on NC 147. Glad to do it, cut my wife's commute by 6-7 minutes a day. Want to see my billing statements? We each have transponders.  I support more tolls; those who drive roads should bear more cost for them, not the general fund.

Hel, I'm against tolls on I-95, too.

The money collected will just be wasted.  Then, they'll say that they need to raise the rates to cover what was wasted.

If you "have no problem" with tolls, why don't you just write a check out to me.  Thanks.  I'll put it to a better use than the government can.

My guess is that is illegal.

RE: Why not exempt NC plates, my guess is that is illegal.

So can we expect a $4.5B

So can we expect a $4.5B earmark from Renee?

Why stop at just I95

Just think of the money we could raise with tolls.  Put them everywhere we can.  It is the future of travel. 

Tolls we can live with:

Toll only at the borders OR exempt all NC tags.

Double Taxation

The DOT is not looking for ways to pay for the road.  They have put together a Cadillac plan with a Ferrarri pricetag, and are attemting to shove this plan down the throat of the citizens of the I-95 corridor.  Those of you who are for it, please submit your address to the NCDOT. They are coming to a road near you soon.  Thank you, Congresswoman Ellmers. 

People will avoid the tolls

US 1, I-85, and Raleigh in general stand to pick up a ton of new traffic from this. I wonder how they will feel about this plan when all the exrta cars clog up Raleigh highways.

Toll I-95!

It's great that Rep Ellmers is fighting for her constituents, but tolling I-95 and cashing in on interstate travelers is for the "greater good" of the state.

She's not looking out for us!

Rep, Ellmers has failed us on this issue.  This will just be another form of big government tax on us here in NC.  There is no need for this toll road.  We need someone in Washington who will look out for our best interests.  Why didn't she stop this from happening!?!?

I'm all for it

Why not exempt locals from it via some sort of pass. The state would still make tons of cash on all the NY to Fl people. Heck, if all you charged was a quarter per vehicle, we would still rake in a lot of money. One toll at each border would not be much of an inconvenience for the drivers passing through the state.

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