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Elizabeth Edwards appears on Colbert

Elizabeth Edwards was a guest on The Colbert Report last night.

She appeared on the show to plug her book, Saving Graces, and to discuss her push for universal health care.

"You are an advocate of universal health care," Colbert said. "Why do you want to turn the United States into Canada? Why not just move there?"

Edwards explained that she's an advocate for health care for everyone, not socialized medicine.

"We already have a form of universal health care. It's called prayer, okay?" Colbert said. "Everybody can do it and the Lord of the universe hears all prayers, but sometimes the answer is, 'I'm sorry, you're not covered for that.'"

Edwards shot back: "A little too often, it's you're not covered for that."


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Re: Elizabeth Edwards appears on Colbert

I'm glad that Eilzabeth is out and about, as well as sharing her views. I don't know if she ever got enough credit, she really has helped John become who he is. Its great to see that she is getting attention, and especially on such a popular show like Colbert Report - Two UNC seniors' blog-magazine on politics/current events., your place to be a pundit!

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