Under the Dome

Elections board investigator speaks out about her bosses

Investigator stymied?: The lead investigator at the State Board of Elections said Thursday that board chairman Larry Leake ordered her not to interview some witnesses during a probe into 42 undisclosed campaign flights by Gov. Bev Perdue. Kim Strach, the deputy director of campaign finance at the board, said Leake, who like Perdue is a Democrat, told her to end her investigation without interviewing Zach Ambrose, the governor's longtime chief of staff and campaign manager. Leake said there was time pressure to finish the probe. (N&O)

GOP in the money: As they fight for control of the legislature, the N.C. Republican Party has seen its fundraising nearly double since 2008, while the Democratic Party has raised less than half of what it had two years ago. Democratic legislative leaders, however, still have bigger war chests than their GOP counterparts. (CharO)

Waiting game: Nearly six months have gone by since Judges Albert Diaz of Charlotte and James Wynn of Raleigh landed on the to-do list of the full U.S. Senate, and still they have not received confirmation votes. Both men are nominated for the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, a step below the Supreme Court. But now they're waiting in line behind Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. (N&O)


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Its time for Larry Leake to be REPLACED!


it's a miracle



Those reports of the Dome's death were greatly exaggerated.  I remember those days when the Dome was dying daily.  "The Dome is dead to me."  But it seems the Dome has been given second life. 

I guess holding your breath until you turn blue just doesn't scare the newspapers anymore.

Blogger stymied, conflicted, embarrassed?

He oughtta be.  I think what you have seen unfolding of late is not the N&O ignoring a story for months or "carrying water" for Fetzer, but rather engaging in what some people call "looking before leaping," which is a habit certain readers (perhaps most particularly those given to making dramatic announcements about renouncing the N&O and the Dome being "dead to me!") would do well to cultivate.

Dome carrying Fetzer's water again?

Reporters ignoring story for months, embarrassed?

Investigator stymied?

Investigator conflicted?

Fun with questions?


Is Bev muffling Zach Ambrose?

It seems that Zach Ambrose could be the key to much of the dirt on Bev Perdue and at least her campaign improprieties over the years.  Why was he forced to resign last year and what were the conditions that Bev demanded, i.e. his silence?  And what is he on vacation from that it was so difficult to wait for an interview?  Does he even have a job now as he still lists on social media tool, LinkedIn that he is Chief of Staff for Governor Perdue (he has been an active user of LinkedIn with connections to over 500 others).

Focus on Bev's mischief, not Easley's

This obstruction by Perdue and her cronies, including Leake, demands that the press as well as some independent investigative agency dig deeper into the improprieties of our sitting governor. 

And it's ridiculous that Leake was trying to blame the republicans for wanting to promptly finish the report without interviewing Ambrose and others given that Fetzer demanded this investigation way back in October. 

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