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Perdue investigation part of larger look at candidate flights

N.C. Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer handed out copies of a letter Wednesday showing that the State Board of Elections is investigating the campaign finances of Gov. Bev Perdue.

Gary Bartlett, executive director of the State Board of Elections, said that the investigation is part of a larger look at how all candidates for governor in 2004 and 2008 handled plane trips. That investigation arose when testimony in a hearing about former Gov. Mike Easley's finances suggested that other candidates had undisclosed flights.

So far, the various campaigns are cooperating and the board has left the files open to the public. Closing the files would be a step toward a more formal investigation or hearing, such as the one the board held about Easley.

"The information has not reached the level that causes us concern that it needs to be closed," Bartlett said.

N.C. Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer has previously filed two complaints over undisclosed campaign flights for Perdue. He sent a third letter with new allegations Wednesday. The board was already aware of the problems with flights because Perdue's campaign approached the board to report undisclosed flights in July, Bartlett said. 

Perdue's campaign has since disclosed a total of 31 flights and said the omissions were mistakes.


Fetzer received a letter today from Kim Strach, a deputy director at the elections board who is responsible for investigations. In her letter, which Fetzer released to the news media Wednesday, Strach wrote that the board is investigating Perdue. 

"We have initiated an investigation into the allegations contained in your complaints and will advise you of our findings at the conclusion of our investigation," Strach wrote. 

At a news conference Wednesday, Fetzer said he believes that Perdue, a Democrat, may have engaged in the same campaign finance practices as former Gov. Mike Easley, whose campaign was fined $100,000 over unreported flights.

Contributors testified at a hearing over Easley's finances that they gave large checks to the N.C. Democratic Party with the expectation that the money would be forwarded to Easley, an illegal scheme to subvert campaign finance limits.

Fetzer released a list of 12 people who were subpoenaed in the board's hearing on Easley. Each of the 12 people have given to Easley, Perdue and the state Democratic Party.

"The fact that the activities of the Perdue Campaign mirror the violations of the Easley campaign, and in some cases involve the same corporate aircraft, indicates that an investigation of the Perdue Campaign as thorough as that of the Easley Campaign, is warranted and justified," Fetzer wrote in his letter to the board.

Bartlett and Strach said the board will look into the new letter from Fetzer. 

Update: Post and headline have been re-written to reflect Bartlett's explanation of how and why the board initiated investigations. 

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clowns and jokers

"clowns to the left of me

jokers to the right

here I am

stuck in the middle with you....." *

* What Bev sings to herself in the shower as she watches the all the dirt swirl down the drain


While i am a demcrat i too feel that governor dumpling should be recalled or forced in to resigining. But at the same time i personal doubt that the republican are capable of doing or would do any better job . She has already so closely align herself with the republican idealogy that she had may as well change her restrigation to read republican . An in all likelyhood this demand for investiagtions into bev's campaign finance doing during the campaign are just sour grape comming from the republicans across this state an being manfesteed through mr fetzer just becaue of their loss of the election. I just am hoping that her lt governor will run against her in the 2012 election cycle for he has got to be better than she has been for she has only been in my personal opionin a basnight pupett that has sought to push the entire nc democrat party to the far right

If you lay down with dogs.....

I find it difficult to believe that someone who was Lt. Gov. for as long as she was could be so oblivious to the the actions of those in her inner circle, or the inner circle she belonged to. Maybe she was.....maybe all of these things happened and she had no clue....but you have to ask, if she was that far removed from the seat, why do we need a Lt. Governor to start with??? Seems like a waste of taxpayer money in salary.

The web we weave

Now we will see how far the investigation goes. It seems we have a pattern of all the long term democrat office holders having problems with following the very laws they wrote. Since they have been in control of state government for 100 years they are the only ones responsible. I feel they have given reason for the voters to remove them from holding such power for many years. I now wonder if the investigation will go on to the leaders in the legislature who have been around for decades? It is very strange that the democrats seem to have the same problems with following the rules and not the republicans. If the board of elections has any sense of the trends that seem to be a trait of the democrats, they can not afford to leave any stone unturned and thus must expand the investigation to include all the actions of the party and the elected, long term leaders of that party. The trend is evident, now let's see of the board of elections are smart enough to see it.

bye, bye Bev

Man up Bev, resign now!

Perdue investigation part of larger look at candidate flights

I hope Obama does not replace the U.S. Atty. George Holding
This is one component of the Federal Gov, that I still have faith in. Roy Cooper will not investigate anyone on the state level.

BOE's spin control begins re: Perdue's guilt

The spin by Perdue's boy at the BOE, Gary Bartlett has begun! Guaranteed they will spend more time investigating the losing candidates from the 04 & 08 elections when at least some of Beverly's problems are staring us in the face. And the investigation is also being limited to just undisclosed flights. How about also investigating:
- above-the-limit contributions that were funneled through the DNC
- falsifying campaign finance reports
- Inappropriate use of campaign vehicles
- Failure to disclose donations

Hey Bartlett, when does the level of corruption reach the level for you to be concerned?


Now they are investigating Gov Dimples, another big cheese in the democrit rat infested barn. Perhaps her Lt. Gov will do a better job after Bev resigns.

Hey if the state auditor can

Hey if the state auditor can make financial mistakes, why can't the governor be allowed that same latitude?

The question is...

The question: Is Gov Bev Perdue an idiot?

With all the press over the Easley "errors" she didn't go back and even look at these issues? That implies that they either aren't errors or that she is an idiot. We all know the truth is most likely they were intentional errors or just business as usual for a politician.

If there is another politician in the area that has flown anywhere on a campaign and has not reported it properly then they need to fix it now or they should be laughed at when they refer to the situation as an "error".

Yep, the time has come...

after 25-30 years as an NC Legislature INSIDER, let the investigations begin.

yes, we need a group of conservatives to investigate the NC BOE!

Who can trust BOE to investigate?

Let's see, Beverly appointed the members of the Board of Elections and it took the BOE months to respond to Fetzer's October and December complaint letters. Now the BOE says that they will advise Fetzer upon the completion of their "investigation". Yea right, an investigation that we can believe in!

Anything short of either public hearings by the BOE, just like they initiated with Easley, or an investigation led by an "independent" counsel, will be considered a whitewash. Afterall, Perdue has admitted to many of the same charges that Easley was fined for. Expect a whitewash.

Corruption in the NC Democrat Political Machine?

What? Corruption in the NC Democrat Political Machine?
I'm shocked, Shocked I tell you!

Let's see Jim Black, Mike and Mary [SL] Easley, John Dirtbag Edwards, Meg Scott Phipps, Thomas Wright [ and many, many others that post length limitations prohibits]
and now Bev "Baby Dumplin" Perdue!

The Corrupt , Criminal NC Democrat Machine has run NC for over 100 years and has always been the source of corruption in State government.

I wonder if Chicago learned all their corrupt ways from the NC Democrats?

Boss Tweed and Huey P. Long would be proud !

Got to love all this- Change We Can Believe In !

So it Begins

So it Begins....Good Luck Bev

Sure, but who is going to

Sure, but who is going to investigate the BOE?

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