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Eight lawmakers headed to Singapore

Eight legislators and a handful of state education officials are headed to Singapore in about a week to see what that country does right in math and science education.

The trip will be the second delegation to Singapore in the ten years that the Public School Forum of North Carolina and UNC’s Center for International Understanding have been sending lawmakers and policy shapers to look at other country’s schools, Mark Johnson reports.

The last three trips: Ireland, China and, now, Singapore, have all focused on nations where education and economic development are closely aligned, said John Dornan, the forum’s president.

"Out of nine countries we’ve not seen anybody do what Singapore has done," Dornan said.

Students in Singapore consistently score among the best students in the world in math and science.

The lawmakers headed overseas are Reps. Marvin Lucas of Cumberland county; Tricia Cotham of Charlotte; Tim Moore of Cleveland County; Earline Parmon of Winston-Salem and Sens. Debbie Clary of Cleveland County; John Snow of Cherokee County; Bob Atwater of Chatham County and Ed Jones of Halifax County.

State school board Chairman Bill Harrison and Scott Rawls, president of the N.C. Community College System also are going.

The trip is being funded primarily by a grant from the Burroughs Wellcome Fund with additional money from the Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline and SAS. A Glaxo official is joining the trip.


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Re: Eight lawmakers headed to Singapore

Taxachusetts is a democrackkk cesspool, except for Mitt Romney's crowd...

Maybe the legislators should visit Vietnam where the smartest kids come from it seems...

But, realistically, we should get government OUT of education and just watch the scores soar without the lieberal agenda of government screwls...

Re: Eight lawmakers headed to Singapore

And not get all gay and stuff like they do in 'Merica - chusetts where they have the lowest divorce rate and best schools and vote Democrat.

Good points all.

Re: Eight lawmakers headed to Singapore

Minnesota is too cold and the people in Massachusetts talk with such an accent that it's hard to understand them. It's much easier to understand Singaporese. Plus they will get further proof as to what a cheeseburger and fries cost "over there."

Re: Eight lawmakers headed to Singapore

Students in Singapore consistently score among the best students in the world in math and science.

So do students in Minnesota and Massachusetts. Wouldn't it make more sense to try to learn from those states?

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