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Edwards aides spotted at federal courthouse

Two former aides for John Edwards were at the federal courthouse in Raleigh on Thursday where a grand jury has been investigating the two-time presidential candidate.

Former campaign spokeswoman Jennifer Palmieri spent about an hour at the courthouse, according to the Associated Press. Former deputy campaign manager Jonathan Prince spent four hours.

Neither commented when leaving the courthouse.

Efforts to reach Palmieri by both phone and e-mail on Thursday were unsuccessful. A spokeswoman for the Center for American Progress in Washington, where Palmieri now works as the senior vice president for communications, declined to comment.

The U.S. Attorney's office and the FBI have been investigating Edwards' campaign finances for more than a year, seeking to determine whether money was diverted in the effort to cover up the candidate's affair with mistress Rielle Hunter. The former U.S. Senator, who acknowledged paternity of Hunter's baby last year, has denied any wrongdoing.

In addition to working for John Edwards, Palmieri also was a close friend of Elizabeth Edwards, the candidate's estranged wife. Prince was a close aide to Edwards for both presidential campaigns.


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Jusy onr more example of democrat sleaze

When will it end?  When will these democrits quit being front page news?

N&O Marquee Players

All three in the news cycle at the same time once again.

Ex-Guv Mike, Ex-Senator Johnny Boy, and Crystal

The best the Banana Republic of NC has to offer.

I am so looking forward . . .

. . . to seeing yet another politcal poser I BEGGED for help with my felony case against a pair of non-profiteers pleading guilty to a felony himself.

You know it's gonna be an Alford plea.

Oh, and what Agent Pierce said.

John Edwards

I think it should say "two-timing presidential candidate". 

a mission ....

I doubt ol' Rob ever looks at these silly boards; but haunting him is such fun!

Who really cares?

Johnny "The Breck Girl" Edwards is old news.  Why doesn't the N&O re-open the exciting (not) new news about the dire state of Raleigh's sidewalks?  That story was without doubt the lamest attempt to manufacture news I have seen in my lifetime.  How about waiting until Johnny is found "innocent" or "guilty" of some crimes before boring your readers?

lol @ AP.  I'm sure Rob's

lol @ AP.  I'm sure Rob's struggling mightily to get his panties smoothed back out.

In the meanwhile, I heard Breck Boy is filing a lawsuit against the artist who drew his caricature for this article.  If you'll notice, there's a hank of hair flying in a slanderously  unkempt manner around his right temple.  Certainly a no-no for a dapper dresser like Johnny Boy, and grounds for libel, surely.*

*And don't call me Shirley.   (RIP Leslie)

LOL this has already made the drudgereport !!!

let's see if Edwards skates as easily as Sleazely?

Felonies before misdemeanors

at least now we know what is keeping Mr. Holding so busy...

Edwards' aides ....

From the title I thought this was about Rob Christensen ..... :>)

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