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Education rising as an issue

Here is one possible reason why Gov. Beverly Perdue is barn storming across North Carolina today pushing for a tax hike to avoid deep cuts in education.

A new survey shows that education is rising as an issue in North Carolina, Rob Christensen reports.

Since December, the number of North Carolinians who have named education as their top issue has risen from 8 percent to 17 percent, according to Public Policy Polling, a Democratic leaning firm in Raleigh.

Perdue is holding rallies in Wilmington this morning and Greenville at noon trying to rally support for a $1.5 billion tax increase to stave off deep cuts in public education.

Meanwhile, her husband, Bob Eaves, is reading to students this morning at the Heritage Park Community Learning Center in Southeast Raleigh.

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The poll also found that family value issues are also rising as several states have moved to legalize gay marriages. The number of people citing family values has risen from 11 percent to 18 percent since December.

The economy, meanwhile, is receding as an issue. Apparently people think that things are bottoming out. During last fall’s campaign, the percentage of people citing the economy as their top issue was consistently in the 60’s But the most recent survey found it has declined to 42 percent, the lost number since last summer.

The survey of 784 registered voters was taken June 12-14 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent.


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Re: Education rising as an issue

This would have nothing to do with the fact that we have had about 60 straight days of the "dire consequences of any education budget cuts" in the N&O. As a state employee who is NOT in education, I find it hard to locate budget news that is about more than education. 55% of the $22 Billion state budget is for education and they cannot find anywhere to cut-back or save? Lets look at those admin levels again, I'll find some money for ya!

Re: Education rising as an issue

Sports practically pay for themselves and provide an opportunity for many individuals to attend college who would not normally be able to.

Re: Education rising as an issue

NC schools and universities have been underfunded for decades. We need to raise taxes to fully fun academics. But the schools and universities also need to change, they need to remember their mission is education, not sports. They should fire all the coaches and athletic directors and use the money for real teachers.

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