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Education advice for McCrory. Privatize. Or Don't.

Governor-elect Pat McCrory got a welcoming message from a group that wants more charters and public money to support private-school education.

“We look forward to working with the McCrory administration to create more quality parental school choice options for all families that will help prepare their children for a 21st century economy," says Darrell Allison, president of Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina.

The group worked for the law last year that eliminated the cap on charter schools, and this year pushed unsuccessfully for a law that would have corporations get dollar-for-dollar tax refunds for contributions to private school scholarships.

Candidate McCrory expressed support for more charters and for some type of taxpayer-supported private school scholarships.

But Chris Hill, director of the education and law staff at the N.C. Justice Center, says McCrory should rethink his whole education platform.

"Since McCrory has not started the job yet, there is still time for him to consider that the best course of action is not to privatize public schools but to actually advocate that public schools have the funding and resources necessary to create the college- and career-ready students that North Carolina needs,"  Hill wrote.

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