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Easley spent weeks on furniture

Gov. Mike Easley's gifts took weeks to finish.

This year, Easley gave his wife, Mary, an elaborate black walnut secretary and a tiger maple dining table for Christmas that he personally made.

A well-known woodworking hobbyist, Easley makes furniture for his wife every year.

Contacted by Dome, woodworker Michael Shelley of Carolina Heirlooms estimated that the secretary would take a professional three to four weeks to complete working full time, and an amateur six months or more depending on their skill level.

He said the completed piece would be worth $8,000 to $12,000.

Shelley said that the table would take a week or less for a professional, and a week or two for an amateur, depending on the equipment they had. He said it would be worth $1,500 to $2,000.

"Keep in mind, wood prices, availability are huge factors in the cost of these items," Shelley said in an e-mail to Dome. "Ask five different furniture makers and you will get five different answers."

Hat Tip: Jay Price


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Re: Easley spent weeks on furniture

Maybe Mikey can start making furniture and repay NC citizens for those fancy trips. Gonna be real busy.

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