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Easley kept secret e-mail account

Former Gov. Mike Easley kept a private e-mail account that he used for state business.

Easley's former communications director Sherri Johnson testified in a deposition that Easley kept the secret account and used it for state business. Johnson was being deposed as part of a public records lawsuit filed by The N&O, The John Locke Foundation and several other news media outlets over access to e-mail messages.

The news organizations sued after some public information officers in state government said Easley's administration routinely deleted e-mail communication and advised other state public
information officers to do the same. The state's public records law says that e-mail messages are public records no different than other state documents.

A judge allowed the news organizations to depose members of Easley's press staff before he decides on whether to dismiss the case. 

Scores of public records requests to Easley's office by The N&O over his two terms as governor have never turned up an e-mail message from Easley's private account.

The address: "Nick Danger" spelled backwards. The name was likely a reference to the fictional, satirical private eye. The backwards part was because Easley's learning disability left him writing backwards, Johnson testified.

"The governor wrote backwards. I mean, when he wrote, he wrote backwards," Johnson said, according to a transcript of the deposition.

Johnson denied telling public information officers for state agencies to delete e-mail messages to the governor's office. Notes taken by two PIOs during a meeting suggest PIOs were told to delete messages to and from the governor's office. 


Johnson testified that officials were encouraged to use the telephone, rather than an e-mail account, to handle sensitive issues.

"Reuben Young, our legal counsel expressed to me that he believed a more appropriate form of communication, if a subject matter was very sensitive, would be, first, pick up the phone and call," Johnson said. "We dealt with some very sensitive issues that — when you look in the e-mail guidelines, it says e-mails are — as — it's like a postcard. And some of the issues just were — were better to be handled just by picking up the phone and — and — and letting us know.

"And sometimes we would just say, 'Oh, just send us an e-mail,' you know, depending on what it was.  You know, just let us know.  But we asked them to call us first."

More depositions in the case are expected to be made public today.


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Of course his prison name would be "prison Mike" since this sounds EXACTLY like Michael Scott from the Office..

Threat level midnight.......

Loss of faith

What's so scary and disturbing about these revelations is you gotta wonder how much other chicanery has gone on that's not yet been brought to light. Is Easley's arrogance and abuse of power just the tip of an immense iceburg? You gotta wonder, I sure do. A dude like this--along with all his cronies and confederates--undermines the people's faith in the whole process of government.

I agree

Easley and his like have done tremendous economic damage with their unethical behavior. The degree of Easley's corruption and abuse of office is stunning in its scope. There seems to be very little honor in our political and business leaders. We, the unwashed masses, end up bearing the brunt of their disregard. How can we believe anything they tell us? They can start by simply doing the right thing. In the meantime, for those who are caught, they should incur stiff penalties including jail time.

End the state deficit

I have an idea to erase the budget deficit in NC. Sell "Slam the Door" lottery tickets. Winning ticket holder gets to personally slam the prison cell door behind Easley's sorry arse when he goes to prison.

Put me down for a hundred - maybe two ... or twelve!

I hear that

George Tirebiter is going to be named special prosecutor.

Porgy will be a student like you. (like me?) He's a student like youuuuuu!

Lenin Flashback

I knew I had remembered that old hammer and sickle USSR symbol, especially upside down - except in this case, it ain't John Lennon or FDR giving the fireside chat. All bets off, Id say it wasn’t Red or any other color – maybe yellow…journalism…

I have one to, mine is watchtower

.enilno saila gnisu regnaD kciN laer eht eb dluoc I ,wonk uoy lla roF

(sorry my husband wanted to write the above and he always types backwards, I helped with this apology and the title. Love to all, Mrs. Danger)

Lots of fun and laughter,

Lots of fun and laughter, but not funny when one stops to realize the massive economic damage our state has suffered and will suffer because of this Governor. Let's not be so quick to forget the voters, the party, and the institution that put him in office. Many will be back asking for your vote, your support again.. His case is about as funny as the John Edwards joke, but let us remember that much is lost when we have no Governor or no Senator representing us. It is just not embassing, that too, but if hurts in many ways, soon yet to come.


Call Your Next Case, if you had half a brain and Mike Easley had half a brain, the two of you together would still have half a brain. Take your medication and get back to trying to style your hair like John Edwards.

Is 'Slick Nick' grasping at straws?

"The address: "Nick Danger" spelled backwards. The name was likely a reference to the fictional, satirical private eye. The backwards part was because Easley's learning disability left him writing backwards, Johnson testified."

"The governor wrote backwards. I mean, when he wrote, he wrote backwards," Johnson said, according to a transcript of the deposition."

Oh. Yeah. Right. This clown Freasley goes all the way through law school and manages to pass seeing and writing bassackwards? I don't bloody well think so. Nice try there, Johnson. You Freasley loyalists may wind up paying the ultimate price for these stories y'all are pumping out to defend the injured father goose.

Do ya s'ppose Freasley aka Slick Nick talked someone into putting all the SHP's records of all those missing flights in some forgotten computer: BACKWARDS??
Keep it up clowns and maybe when everyone gets out of the pen, royalties can be split on the proceeds to a movie I feel coming on about how North Carolina got the stinky end of the stick.

I hate lies that are so preposterous, the public would have to be drunk to fall for it. Who knows, if it can be arranged for Nick Danger aka Slick Nick to have his case heard by a judge that is......

Yep, I think we're getting a clearer picture with every new backwards word that comes out of one of Freasley's lieutenants aka henchmen's mouths.


"Backbone" said in your comments you have come to be ashamed to be a North Carolinian because of Former Gov. Easley and his "cronies"...and that as recently as 25 years ago "used to mean something" to be from N.C. If you weren't ashamed during the 30 years of very undistinguished public disservice in the U.S. Senate by the late "uncle Jessie", then I have to stand amazed that Easley's shananagans could hardly make you bat an eye. For most of its citizens, thank the Good Lord, there is much to be proud of when is comes to our state. The "temporary residents" of the Governor's Mansion every 4 to 8 years don't represent all that we are or aspire to be. Their election to office may at times represent a misstep by the electorate, but it never would, or should, cause us to feel shame to be North Carolinians. Call Your Next Case!


That photo makes me laugh, looks like a kid who got caught and won't look at his Mother.

Nick Danger quote...

As "datsrite" said earlier (February 3, 2010 - 12:19pm), the backwards "Regnad Kcin" (that it's being reported Gov. Easley has used for his e-mail account) was a joke from the Firesign Theater audio skit in the 1970s & 80s, "Nick Danger, Third Eye." As I remember it in the audio skit, he runs up to his office to answer a ringing phone... (Nick Danger): Nick Danger, Third Eye... (Rocky Rococo): Hello, I want to order some anchovies to go, and hold the pizza. (Nick Danger): I spell my name... [looking back at the window on his office door to check] ...Regnad Kcin.


Didn't he have a case over turned for miss conduct while a prosecutor? It came out just before or after he left office?

Nick Danger, international man of intrigue

What's "!Ruh-roh" spelled backwards?

Re-Implement Term Limits

Our fore fathers new best. It was only until the late 1970's that we had ONE TERM ONLY GOVERNORS!
Jim Hunt ramrodded the change, now we are stuck with these caliber of clowns for up to 8 years! The take away....dont mess with the Constitution, Federal or State. I put a whole lot more faith in our "home schooled forefathers (i.e. Tom Jefferson/Zeb Vance and the like, then the geniuses like Bev Perdue and Mike Sleasly!
He and his cronies have actually made me ashamed to be aNorth Carolinian. That used to mean something and I dont mean 100 years ago, I mean 25 years ago!Now it is like Illinois, Jew Jersey or New York!

Nick Danger

Funny thing is that Dick Danger the alias John Edwards used when he was making his pregnant concubine porno. Wonder if the attorneys Edwards and Easley know about the structured transaction laws (part of the RICO Regs) that put Raleigh attorney Johnny Gaskins in the big house... and Johnny actually worked for and earned his money... google that one boys.... I think scamming the system for private gain while sitting at the public trough is worse than making deposits of less than $10,000 of your own money. Do Dick Danger and Nick Danger still have their law licenses?

Prison name

Maybe in prison they can call him Reg Nadkin.

It seems like NC elects all

It seems like NC elects all the state idiots as governor. No one believed me when I said Easley, as Attorney General, was crazy. Perhaps some people do now.

Easley will have his magic

Easley will have his magic decoder ring taken away for this one for sure.

Nick Danger

Nick Danger? Boy, is that a blast from the past. Wonder if he ordered a pizza to go with no anchovies?

All Hail Marx and Lennon!

re states politicans

the politican in this state don want to hear the real truth about any issue just so as to give themselves plausiable deny ability thank you


They need to quit pussyfooting around an get on with the issues at hand an just send his sorry butt to jail an then throw away the key in my own personal opinion

thank you

Secret Password?

The secret email address: "Nick Danger" spelled backwards.
And RACECAR would be a good password!

Gov: "Pleh! Pleh!"

Well,now, looks like the gum's on the other shoe. (Nick Danger, Third Eye)

RE Does the word "scumbag" mean something?

Yes, a scumbag is a used condom.

BTW, private investigator Nick Danger "Third Eye" (mentioned above) is a character from the Firesign Theatre's albums, which specialized in stream-of-consciousness comedy, liberally laced with drug humor and packaged as excerpts from old radio shows. Strangely enough, Rush Limbaugh has also mentioned that he is a fan of Firesign Theatre.

Governor Doofus!

Has there EVER been a photo taken of this guy where he doesn't look like a total "Doofus"? I appreciate that politicians are on camera 24/7 but REALLY. EVERY photo of this bozo is sillier than the last one.

Wouldn't that be "gabmucs"

Wouldn't that be "gabmucs"

Well of course not

silly. But it does show that politicians are having trouble with newfangled things, like email, and privacy and transparency laws. Easley ain't alone here. Most politicians are dishonest, and if they don't start out that way, they soon become dishonest. The most effective way to lessen the damage they inflict on the public is strict regulation and enforcement of laws.

At the rate things are

At the rate things are going, NC will have to keep open one of the 7 prisons they are planning on closing just to house all the democrat criminals in this state.

Easley governed backwards too

"The governor wrote backwards. I mean, when he wrote, he wrote backwards,"

That is too funny. Heck, he governed backwards and kept NC backwards too.

Nick Danger

Those in the know from the 60's may remember the old Firesign Theater album "Nick Danger Third eye"
where the dialouge goes Nick Danger spelled backwards is Regnad Kcin (as it is read backwards through the lettering on his office door)
Maybe the Gov has a learning disability or maybe he is just cooler than anyone thought. This was a popular record album mainly listened to by those that liked to party a bit.

Blaming Bush won't do it.

Sarah Palin has nothing to do with this. Try blaming Bush, you'll get further.

Ruben Young meets all the criteria to work in State Gov't. under the dem. administration. In order to head Crime Control & Public Safety one has only to have criminal intent. Lock up this hooligan with the rest of the criminals. Bev. 'Easley light' Perdue is cut from the same bolt of cloth and the voters have themselves to thank.

"Johnson testified that officials were encouraged to use the telephone, rather than an e-mail account, to handle sensitive issues. "

Sure, don't put anything in writing. All state gov't telephones should be recording every conversation over the telephone. Their problem is that policy can't be directed over the phone. Perjury, is a sport to these bums.

Special place in H*ll

I hope there's a special place in h*ll for these law-and-order types who don't practice what they preach. This guy was a former prosecutor for gosh sake! Then he undertakes this obviously improper (and possibly illegal) method of secret communications.

Easley the prosecutor would have ripped such behavior apart. Easley the governor appears to have lost what little bit of conscience he had previously.

Does the word "scumbag" mean something?

Does the word "scumbag" mean something?


Just like Sarah Palin, you betcha.

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