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Early voting, the latest numbers

Nearly 2.55 million people went to the polls during the early voting period that ended Saturday, according to the latest figures available from the State Board of Elections.  These numbers aren't final. Board staff will continue to update them. See a breakdown below.

Nearly 190,000 people have voted by mail. 

More than 2.7 million people have voted at one-stop sites or by mail, outpacing the 2.6 million who did so in 2008.

Here's the turnout, based on votes cast:

47.7 percent Democrat

31.4 percent Republican

20.7 percent unaffiliated

.22 percent Libertarian

More than 40 percent of the state's 6.63 million registered voters have already cast ballots.  Tuesday is the last chance to vote in this year's elections.


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The N&O is printing ballots ??

I hear the N&O is using their not-very-busy presses to print pre-filled out ballots for "their side".

They even have Stevie Ford helping load them in the trucks to carry them to the polls.

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