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Durham lawyer eyes Burr seat

Kenneth LewisKenneth Lewis, a Harvard-educated lawyer in Durham and fundraiser for then-candidate Barack Obama last year, is running for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate next year.

Lewis, 47, told party leaders and regulars at the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner over the weekend that he was making a run at the seat held by Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr. Lewis is jumping in early, but he could face hefty competition if Attorney General Roy Cooper opts in.

Lewis said his business experience and years of work with nonprofit groups, such as Action for Children, will help guide his work for ordinary citizens.

"We need to invest in a new prosperity that is broad-based and sustainable," Lewis said.

A Winston-Salem native, Lewis clerked for then-N.C. Supreme Court Justice Henry Frye after graduating from law school in 1986 and has worked at firms in Charlotte, Raleigh and Durham.

He raised money for Obama's U.S. Senate race in Illinois in 2004 and helped lead finance operations for Obama's presidential campaign in North Carolina last year. He lives in Chapel Hill with his wife, Holly Ewell-Lewis, and three school-age children.

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Re: Durham lawyer eyes Burr seat

You can say a lot of things about Senator Richard Burr but to call him a crook is not one of them. Why is it when Democrats can't argue facts they call names?

Re: Durham lawyer eyes Burr seat

Has he had much success fundraising for himself yet?

Re: Durham lawyer eyes Burr seat

I agree with the above, Roy Cooper has so much baggage and is very close to being a crook - we need to find some new blood. I do not know much about Mr. Lewis but would be willing to hear him out. I am a lifelong DEM and always want new blood and new ideas to the party - keep Roy Cooper out!

Re: Durham lawyer eyes Burr seat

This is great news, in that he will rally the black vote to smear Cooper and call him a racist in the primary, just as Obama did to Clinton. This can help Burr considerably.

Re: Durham lawyer eyes Burr seat

Roy Cooper is as much a crook as Burr so we don't need him in Washington.

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