Under the Dome

DOT change not so simple

Gov. Beverly Perdue plans to sign an order today that would strip most of the specific decision-making power from the N.C. Board of Transportation.

The idea is that Perdue wants the board to be less involved in specific decisions and to function more like a board of directors. State law has a different take.

The board has 19 members and 14 are appointed to represent a geographic region of the state. The state law is pretty clear about what those division representatives should do.

Division members shall direct their primary effort to developing transportation policy and addressing transportation problems in the region they represent. Division members shall regularly consult with and consider the views of local government units and Transportation Advisory Committees in the region they represent.

The law goes on to state:

Consultation of Board Members. – Each member of the Board of Transportation who is appointed to represent a transportation engineering division or who resides in a division shall be consulted before the Board makes a decision affecting that division.

The governor has sole authority to appoint transportation board members. Perdue has said that she expects board members to do what she says.

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