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Don't like a rule? Just change it.

One of the final bills passed by the General Assembly before they left town on  Wednesday was a fix, reports The Insider.

Apparently, House Speaker Thom Tillis had appointed a licensed real estate broker, Joseph Ramsey Jr. of Raleigh, to the "public member" slot on N.C. Home Inspector Licensure Board. That raised some questions as it appeared to violate statutory directives governing the board's membership, according to The Insider.

Those directives say that the public slot member can NOT be a licensed real estate broker, home inspector or general contractor. Other slots on the board are set aside for those professions.

So what did lawmakers do? Why they just changed that pesky rule. Now the directive simply requires that the public member not be "actively engaged" in any of the three professions listed.

Tillis told the Insider Wednesday that it was his understanding that Ramsey is not an active real estate broker and that the board will continue to have balance.


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Not that it may matter to

Not that it may matter to folks, but Mr. Ramsey is primarily, if not exclusively, engaged in property management.  He does not show as listing homes for sale, helping Buyers, even listing rentals or helping tenants. he simply manages HOA's.  Yes, he maintains his NC Real Estate license, and his membership in the local MLS, as Active.  But he is not actively engaged in activity that would have any involvement with the Home Inspectors Board. Splitting hairs, I know.

Regardless of the semantics, I personally don't approve of the Republican leadership doing this sort of thing, for exactly the stir it's caused.  There's plenty of "industry" members on the board, and I'm sure they can find someone willing and capable of serving as a CITIZEN and not with any affiliation to the industry..

Tillis et Ramsey v. NC Real Estate Commission

Tillis may have no probelm with lying, obfuscation, and being dishonest.  The NC RE commission hopefully is a litte more demanding for its licensees.  Just because Tillis wants to provide patronage and appoint Ramsey to a board, describing Ramsey as inactive,(which is factually incorrect) does not mean that the NCRE  should stand idly by, knowing that the public perception of Ramsey's license is incorrect, and that, as a licensee, Ransey has the obligation to be honest and forthright, as all licensees of the NCRE Commission do.

Hopefully, Mr. Ransey will admit that his license is active, as shown.  Hopefully he will advise Mr Tillis that he can not and will not accept the appointment.  We'll even allow them to use the tired old code phrase about the 'confusion as to the status of his license' rather than admit he and Tillis got caught.

Ramsey should not accept the appointment.  If he has, he should resign, or be investigated and sanctioned for besmirching the reputation for honesty as a licensee of the NC RE Commission.

We have enough issues with the honesty and integrity of some who are involved with real estate in NC (Easley and Ruffin Poole and the developers/brokers of those properties Down East...)

The only question seems to be for the NCRE Commission.  Do you represent the ideal of honesty to the public or do you kowtow to a factually challenged Speaker of the House?



License: 43916
Status: ACTIVE
Broker-In-Charge: Yes

License: C12068
Status: ACTIVE
Qualifying Broker: RAMSEY JR, JOSEPH B

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