Under the Dome

Dome memo: Exonerated

A NEW LIFE: After 17 years behind bars for murder, three judges set Greg Taylor free after finding he was innocent. Taylor's freedom was possible because the state created an innocence commission, the first of its kind in the nation, to give the wrongly convicted a last shot at justice. Taylor's first post-prison meal: pasta salad with shrimp.

NEVER MIND: After weeks of getting slammed over a policy to change the high school history curriculum, state school officials backed down and abandoned plans to focus a history course on more recent events while leaving early history to elementary and middle school. Officials will now work on a new plan. Critics, get your e-mail accounts ready.

IRRELEVANT? State Auditor Beth Wood is delinquent on $1,200 worth of Wake County property taxes. Wood says her personal finances are irrelevant to the job she does as the state's chief financial watchdog.

IN OTHER NEWS: U.S. Sen. John Kerry says he is disappointed by the scandal that has brought down his one-time presidential running mate, John Edwards. State Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer attempted to smear former Gov. Mike Easley's legal troubles on Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue. On the same day, lawyer and former gubernatorial candidate Bob Orr lost two legal challenges to incentives given to private business.


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new life

Will the D.A. who wrongfully convicted him be examined in any way?

Perdue had 31 illegal flights...that we know of

Excuse me? I believe that Beverly is the one that has had at least 31 illegal flights. She is the one that likes to behave like Easley yet she takes no responsibility whatsoever. Sounds like denial to me. Come to think of it, maybe she's more like John Edwards than Mike Easley.

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