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Domain bill condemned to committee

The House sent a proposed constitutional amendment restricting condemnations back to committee.

The amendment would prohibit the government from taking property through eminent domain for the purpose of selling the property for economic development. The amendment would also establish in the constitution that government can't take property without just compensation.

"It is a universal desire of all people in all cultures and all places that they want their property secure from a taking by the governmet or a taking by anybody," said Rep. Paul Stam, a co-sponsor of the bill and an Apex Republican.

House members said the bill should be taken off the House floor because Stam offered amendments to the bill.

"It just bothers me that we have a bill on the floor to amend the constitution and we're going to amend it at the last minute," said Rep. Ronnie Sutton, a Pembroke Democrat.

Stam said his amendments were minor and not unusual and were being used as an excuse by opponents to kill the bill.

The House voted 60 to 56 to send the bill back to committee.


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Re: Domain bill condemned to committee

Given that the working poor are most often the targets of "eminent domain," the domain amendment should have sailed through a General Assembly controlled by Democrats.

Unfortunately, the General Assembly is controlled by a different kind of Democrat, the seamy species known as "machine politician."

Bev's record shows the disconnect between Democratic party principles and Democrats in Raleigh, including:

$1 billion in regressive sales taxes on the working poor
No protection from eminent domain laws for inner-city residents
No incentives to create private sector jobs for the unemployed


Significant spending cuts in programs designed to assist the weakest elements of our society through the recession.

Bev's policies do not serve the needs of the electorate, whether you are a Republican or a Democrat.

Re: Domain bill condemned to committee

The Democratic party does not represent the private property owners in this state. If you voted for them last time please reconsider before next year.

Re: Domain bill condemned to committee

Oh yeah, like the legislature's going to impede others ability to "appropriate" your property.

Ronnie Sutton paid around $68K to get elected. Does he claim not to be a sellout, or is he upfront about it?

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