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Dole in N.C. less than two weeks in '06?

How much time has U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole spent here?

Hitting the campaign trail heavily this year, the Salisbury Republican has spent more than three months on the road in North Carolina.

But a survey by Media General News Service of Senate records, news accounts and press releases show that's a marked increase from the days spent here in previous years:

2003: 55
2004: 34
2005: 20
2006: 13
2007: 50
2008: 97 (as of Sept. 26)

Dole and her supporters note that she has visited every North Carolina county while in office and a number of small towns. They also said that they could not find documentation for many of those visits, arguing the news service was undercounting her time here.

"Unfortunately, we're guilty until proven innocent in terms of how many days we spent there, because we can't document every single trip with an airline receipt," said chief of staff Brian Nick.

Critics of Dole cite her time here as proof that she is an "absentee" senator.

Update: Nick said she visited the state "multiple times" to visit her family and do official business, paying for those trips out of her own pocket. For that reason, the trips do not show up in any Senate records.

"The limited criteria used by Media General only reflect when taxpayers paid for Senator Dole's trips or when news accounts reflected public events," he wrote Dome in an e-mail. "Such narrow criteria leave out countless trips home that Senator Dole took either for official, political or personal reasons. For instance, she would pay for her own travel expenses, rather than bill the taxpayers, when she would visit her recently deceased brother in Charlotte, or when she would go home to see her late mother in Salisbury."


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Re: Ryan

Okay I give up trying this route to find out where Bob Dole is registered to vote. I'll try the Washington Post.


Perhaps you have already printed this information previously, but where is Bob Dole registered to vote? Can he even vote for his wife?

Liddy and Bob

I'll ask again, does anyone know where Bob Dole is registered to vote? If it's not NC then that makes it quite obvious that Miss Liddy's role in NC is a sham. Oh what am I saying, the woman hasn't lived in NC for 40 or 50 years???

Re: Dole in N.C. less than two weeks in '06?

Where is Bob Dole registered to vote?? And Dan Besse, I really liked your comment.

Re: Dole in N.C. less than two weeks in '06?

If I am not mistaken, Sen. Dole served as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee for 2005 and 2006. I'd bet that she had to spend a lot of her time traveling around the country, trying to raise money, protect senate seats and still doing her job.

Re: Dole in N.C. less than two weeks in '06?

And yet they can't provide a single receipt for any of those trips?

Here is the deal, she is supposed to represent us, yet spent less than a year total in our state for the first 5 years she was a Senator. That is pathetic.

Re: Dole in N.C. less than two weeks in '06?


Re: Dole in N.C. less than two weeks in '06?

she has the money for gasoline to get here, if she can find it

Re: Dole in N.C. less than two weeks in '06

Sen. Dole is always a welcome visitor to North Carolina. Tourism is an important industry in our state.

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