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DNC official still says Parker should have left as chairman

A national Democratic official said he rather David Parker not lead the state party delegation to Charlotte but now its a moot point. 

"We always felt that the right thing to do would be for him to move on, but at this point we've all moved on," said Brad Woodhouse, the Democratic National Committee's communications director. "The talk of a lawsuit continues to fester so we thought the right thing was to lance that bull to have a clean break ... but it's not something voters care about."

Asked if the national party is working around Parker as it seeks to win North Carolina, Woodhouse said it is not necessary. "We have a great Obama campaign effort on the ground here that will win the day," he said.

Parker faced scorn from national Democrats earlier this year as he oversaw a sexual harassment controversy at the state party. 


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Who hired the communications director?

Mr. Woodhouse is a paid staffer, not someone elected as a Party officer.   If a paid staffer can't respect or abide by the will and votes of the NC DP State Executive Committee, he should shut the hell up and leave his job. 

Mr. Woodhouse should know how to count votes.  David Parker didn't violate the NCDP Plan of Organization or state or federal law at any time.  As more time goes by, we find out that the whole matter was not as it originally seemed.  We are finding out that all was not as it seemed.  It was a manufactured crisis - exacaerbated by some very obnoxious and greedy political consultants. 

The NCDP State Executive Committee voted to reject David Parker's resignation by an even greater margin than the one which elected Parker as NCDP Chair in January 2011.   And what's even more galling is that NONE of the elected public officials who were pushing for Parker's resignation even cast a vote at they May 12 SEC meeting to accept his resignation. 

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