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Dissecting who attends Moral Monday protests

The question of whether those participating in the “Moral Monday” protests are outsiders as Republicans have asserted may soon have some answers.

A research team from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is planning to be at tonight's rally to conduct a study of where the protesters are from. The study is being headed by Fred Stutzman and will involve a team of eight researchers who will do a scientific sampling of the crowd.

Last week, WRAL-TV also looked at the issue by examining the police records of those arrested. It found that of the 388 people arrested over six weeks, only eight were from outside North Carolina or 2 percent.

The UNC study will be the first look at the protesters attending the rally – as opposed to the much smaller group that gets arrests.

Gov. Pat McCrory, state Republican Party Chairman Claude Pope and various GOP lawmakers have sought blame outsiders for the protests.

“Outsiders are coming, and they're going to try to do to us what they did to Scott Walker in Wisconsin,” McCrory said at the state GOP convention in Charlotte.


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Swing and a miss!

Note to anyone who cares, I'm the guy in the picture. My parents, friends, and colleagues were stoked to see my picture in the paper!

It was actually a friend who alerted me to the comment below. They can tell you that I am from North Carolina.

I've lived in North Carolina my entire life. I grew up in Winston-Salem, went to college in Greensboro, and I've now lived in Raleigh for the last eight years.

When you look at that picture, you're looking at a North Carolinian - one who incidentally recently rediscovered the joy of playing catch! If you and a pal ever happen to go to the State Capitol grounds, bring a ball and a couple gloves. I recommend it!

But if you're the Governor, never duck a meeting with school children and their parents to play games.

wrong dog

The NandO itself had a picture of an AFL-CIO staffer, assigned to their Raleigh office, throwing a baseball in imitation of Pat McCrory the other day.

A lot of these people may in fact "live" here, but there were brought here by out of state political interests such as the AFL-CIO to lobby or agitate against state government.

A better question to ask is how many work for non-profits and what types of non-profits.

The professional protestors are either unemployed or non-profit employees.

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