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Did Dole pick Democratic diet plan?

Former U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole may want to rethink her new diet.

At a lecture in Kansas Sunday, the former North Carolina senator said that she and her husband Bob would be starting the NutriSystem diet.

Until recently, at least, the diet planners have leaned Democratic, according to a search of data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics.

The company's top officers have donated $10,650 to Democratic candidates, including Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry as well as Pennsylvania Congressmen Joe Sestak and Patrick Murphy.

Between 2006 and 2008, former chief executive officer Mike Hagan, former vice president Bryan Janeczko and former chief financial officer James Brown gave between $250 and $2,300. Hagan also donated $1,000 to the International Franchise Association, an industry group.

Current CFO David Clark, meantime, gave $500 to the Republican National Committee.

No donations could be found for the other current executives.


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Re: Did Dole pick Democratic diet plan?

Miller is not only a good American brand, but made in NC. Eden, NC from which hope springs eternal. Thank you for drinking a beer that employs North Carolinians.

As for Heinz, that's still a Republican company as her husband was, but I suggest Texas Pete from Winston Salem.

See? Getting along doesn't hurt one bit. Same mission, different paths.

Re: Did Dole pick Democratic diet plan?

I agree Gosh

I personally have stopped drinking Budweiser products based on their selling out to the European company - but now I have to drink Miller Lite - which has less taste in my opinion...what is a guy to do.

Although I still boycott Heinz products in general because of my disdain for John Kerry, thus his wife's company is guilty by association - but unfortunately there not a comparable product to Heinz 57 that I have found...again what are we to do...

Re: Did Dole pick Democratic diet plan?

This is funny, but only in light of the bigger picture.

Yes, even Republicans have to consort with Democrats if they want good, healthy things, just like I have to pay Exxon to get to rally against Exxon.

I wish I could say it all works out in the end, but it doesn't.

I can't buy medicine, see a Doctor, buy gas or have any kind of private insurance without funding a political imperative I abhor. If I want to start a business and join the Chamber... suddenly I'm funding ads against my own success. If I like my guns and join the NRA, I'm default against the Humane Society to boot.

The deck may be stacked, but the people are now winning because we have more cards to play.

Good luck to former Senator Dole on her new Democratic diet. May she also lose the useless, ugly 180 pounds North Carolina lost last election by sending her back to Kansas.

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