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DHHS leader offers puzzling take Medicaid expansion

Aldona Wos, head of the state Department of Health and Human Services, gave a strange and inaccurate response when challenged on the decision not to expand Medicaid, North Carolina Health News reports.

Wos was speaking in Reidsville, one of the stops on a tour to sell a managed care plan for Medicaid.

When challenged by a doctor on the decision not to expand the government health insurance to about 500,000 working-class people, Wos said state Insurance Commissioner Wayne Goodwin made the decision.

Um, no.

That decision came from the legislature and Gov. Pat McCrory, who hired Wos.

UPDATE: Ricky Diaz, communications director for DHHS, explains:

“The Secretary was talking broadly about the Insurance Commissioner’s oversight authority over the health care insurance industry in North Carolina, and it is unfortunate that her remarks were taken out of context.”

UPDATE: On Saturday evening, North Carolina Health News posted an audio of Wos' remarks. Judge for yourself.


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