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Despite Goldman affair, Malone says 'there's no reason to drop out'

Wake County school board member Chris Malone says he has no intention to withdraw from the race for the state House District 35 seat after a police report surfaced over the weekend in which he acknowledged having a relationship with fellow board member Debra Goldman in 2010.

Speaking about the police report for the first time, Malone said his attorneys had advised him not to comment on a Sunday News & Observer story about the report or the details in the document.

“There’s no reason to drop out,” Malone said. “I’ve already moved past it. I have faith that my constituents know who I am and why I’m running, so I’m just going to keep campaigning.”

According to the police report, Goldman, the Republican nominee for state auditor, named Malone as a possible suspect in a burglary of $130,000 worth of jewelry, cash and coins from her home in 2010. The investigative report also had Malone, who was dropped as a suspect, saying he and Goldman had a “very heated” physical relationship. Goldman told police she rebuffed his romantic advances. Both are married, although Goldman has since become estranged from her husband.

Goldman has not returned repeated calls since Friday for comment.

Malone said he could not discuss the statements attributed to him in the police report, where he said he and Goldman were involved from the fall of 2009 to the spring of 2010. According to the report, Malone said the relationship, which included encounters in a car and at a Hampton Inn in Cary, was physical but did not include intercourse.

The report also included statements from Malone in which he admitted to having had money problems earlier in 2010. However, he told police he was doing fine at the time of the interview. According to the report, his brother gave him about $15,000 to help pay off his bills.

Goldman and Malone were part of a Republican election sweep in 2009 that gave the GOP the majority on the school board for two years. Democrats regained the majority after last fall’s election.

Malone, a Wake Forest Republican, is running against Lori Millberg, a Democrat from Wendell who formerly served on the Wake County school board. The boundary lines for District 35 were redrawn by the Republican-led state legislature to make it a better prospect for the GOP. The district contains about 75,000 people and runs from North Raleigh to Wake Forest to eastern Wake.

“I guess the best word is appalled,” Millberg said of her reaction to the 2010 police report. “The overwhelming feeling I have is that I feel so sorry for their families and their kids.”

--T. Keung Hui, Thomas Goldsmith and Paul A. Specht, staff writers


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No remorse?

Funny, Mr. Malone has no words of remorse, regret or rebuttal - even from a third-party standpoint ("My heart goes out to Ms. Goldman's family, but I'm just a victim here", or "It's a tragic situation that I've been advised not to comment on. My wife and family know what's true and are standing beside me in my bid to help the people of the great state of North Carolina...")

Instead, he says, "I've moved past it"?

Well, I can assure Mr. Malone that most voters just now learning of all this have not yet "moved past it" and are not sure exactly who he is or why he's running.  What we know about his effort to get the next rung on the political ladder tells us that he thinks the district is republican-leaning enough that he can still win with the money he'll spend over the next couple of weeks - or so he thinks.

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