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Democrats warn Brannon + Berger + Tillis = "race to the right"

The competition among Republicans for the right to challenge Democratic U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan of North Carolina next year is expected to be crowded.Speculation is that state House Speaker Thom Tillis or Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger or both will lead the field.

But the recent early announcement by Dr. Greg Brannon, a Cary obstetrician, has the state Democratic Party already warning against a primary campaign that will be "a race to the right."

Brannon advertises himself as "pro-life, pro-gun, anti-tax, states' rights." He also claims to be one of the original tea party members in 2009, according to a transcript of a radio interview on Feb. 26 the Democrats are distributing as proof of the impending "ultra-conservative" battle.

Brannon told eastern Carolina radio host Tom Lamprecht he hoped the primary would be "a battle full of ideas. ... My question is, Is it conservative rhetoric? Is conservative just the government doing things for us, but with a different twinge? Or is true conservatism protecting the individual to allow them to live their American dream?"

Brannon kicked offhis campaign last week with a tour that began in Wilimington.


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I love it!

Will North Carolina be added to the list of states that Republicans would have won if they didn't nominate a raving lunatic? I hope so!

C'mon, Republicans, stand by those "real conservative values"! And please please please be sure to let us know your opinions on rape.

our Constitution is over 200 years old

are you suggesting we ditch it?

what's your point?


How is staying tied to 50 and 80 year old legislation progressive?
Both laws did what was needed in that time but there is no need to try and live in the past.

let's primary Kay Hagan from the Progressive wing

The good doctor wants to primary Kay Hagan from the right, as if having a blue dog like Kay would be improved by replacing her with someone who votes even more than she does like the GOP. This is foolish, if Democrats in this state want a GOP lite, they already have one in her.

If anyone in the Democratic Party wants to run against Kay Hagan in the spring primary, let it be a true progressive Democrat, with the welfare of the people of North Carolina foremost in their priorities. The GOP will run the GOP race, the Democratic Party needs to remember its roots in the New Deal, and in the Civil Rights Act. We need a Senator who recognizes the call made by Obama to use spending for infrastructure to promote job growth, and to protect the safety net for the vulnerable.

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