Under the Dome

Democrats turn trash molehill into trash mountain

The state Democratic Party wants to gig Gov. Pat McCrory for signing a regulatory bill last Friday, but its barb is off the mark.

“Imagine the impact to our coastal tourism when you’ll be able to enjoy a 270-feet trash mountain from sea,” said Micah Beasley, an NCDP spokesman, “It’s pretty clear what Republicans think of rural North Carolina that their idea to create jobs is for folks to work on trash mountains."

Here's the problem. Loosened language that would have allowed giant landfills in coastal counties did not make it into the bill McCrory signed.

The law scales back community input required when siting landfills. But it keeps all the buffer zones around wildlife refuges, parks, and existing gamelands approved in 2007 that were meant to prevent the giant landfills.

Update: Beasley said in an interview that the criticism still applies because buffer zones around future gamelands will be reduced.

Virginians were worried about the potential for a giant landfill near the state border. The Virginian-Pilot wrote a story about the regulatory re-write stalling this year.

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