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Democrats see Mackey behind challengers

Three Democratic legislators from Mecklenburg County are gearing up for primary challenges — and some suspect that fellow Democratic lawmaker Nick Mackey may be behind them.

State Sen. Malcolm Graham and Reps. Beverly Earle and Becky Carney all expect May primaries after candidate filing opens Feb. 8, Jim Morrill of The Charlotte Observer reports.

Mackey denies having anything to do with recruiting the challengers, though one is his former legislative aide and another is a former associate from his years at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Colleagues aren't necessarily buying it.

"It's not very kind, it's kind of weird," Graham said Tuesday.

Earle, who has never faced a primary over her eight terms, said, "A lot of other folks are wondering ... why he would do this especially at this particular time."

"It's just such a coincidence" that they're Mackey's associates, she said.

Mackey acknowledges that he knows the challengers and even said he would support them. But he said he did not recruit them.

"It's offensive to me for someone to say 'Nick Mackey did this,'" he said. "They don't have any basis to say it."


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Oh yeah ConMax, Beverly Earle is known to attend Tea Parties

ConMax, this is no 'tea bagger conspiracy', since it's the NCDP establishment leveling the charges.

Mackey 'controls' nothing but nonetheless this is his attempt at getting revenge on the Dem establishment for both himself getting a primary challenger, and that little fact about the NCDP throwing out the sheriff's election that he rigged, which later led to him and his pals ousting Rep. Drew Saunders and commissioner Norman Mitchell in the 2008 primary.

What we have here is a good ol' Democrat Party civil war, with the corrupt on one side and the even more corrupt on the other side.

Re: Democrats see Mackey behind challengers

No doubt Mr Mackey is controling North Carolina politics according to the latest Glenn Beck Tea Baggers Show.

Re: Democrats see Mackey behind challengers

By the time this guy is done he'll be so corrupt he'll make Ruffin Poole look like Mother Teresa.

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