Under the Dome

Democrats line up to whack GOP legislature

The Democrats played whack a mole with the GOP legislature at the Jefferson Jackson Day fund raising dinner at the Raleigh Convention Center Saturday night.

U.S. Sen. Mo Cowan of Massachusetts, a North Carolina native, said he could not believe some of the legislative proposals coming from the GOP legislature effecting voting. “Lincoln would be ashamed of this party,” said Cowan, one of two African-Americans serving in the Senate. Cowan said he had a hard time recognizing the state where he was born and raised during the past two years. “What is going in North Carolina?''

Congressman David Price: Criticized the legislature for not extending Medicaid health benefits to 500,000 North Carolinians and 80,000 residents will lose their unemployment benefits. “The forces of reaction have taken over state government temporarily – with a vengeance,” Price said.

House Democratic Leader Larry Hall: The Republicans should take all their legislation, wrap into one bill – call it “the 19th century omnibus bill” pass it and everyone can go home.

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