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Democrats lead early voting; Republicans think they're winning the race

Depending how you look at the numbers, Democrats are again enjoying a huge advantage in early voting in North Carolina that could spell another victory – or Republicans are closing the narrow gap that cost them in 2008, and may have reason to believe momentum is on their side.

Top-level numbers from mail absentee and in-person early voting tell a story that favors Democrats: 48.4 percent of the 1,271,453 ballots cast so far were by registered Democrats, 32.1 by Republicans and the rest by unaffiliated voters.

That adds up to a blue-colored lead of 207,222 votes.

"A lot of our key constituencies are showing up strong," said Walton Robinsion, the state Democratic Party spokesman, pointing specifically to a spike in turnout by African-American and young voters as an example. "We're ahead. It's as simple as that."

But maybe it's not so simple.

Republicans have a net advantage of 42,097 votes over Democrats compared to the first eight days of early voting in 2008.

Rachel Adams, a spokeswoman for Mitt Romney, points out that would more than erase the 14,177-vote victory by President Barack Obama last time around.

Adams points to another trend from 2008 as a reason N.C. should turn red – Democrats steadily dropped off during the early voting period, while Republicans gained steam; the trends so far have been relatively similar to last time.

Graphic provided by the Republican North Carolina Victory 2012
"The math just isn’t adding up for Democrats," Adams said. "Momentum is clearly on the Republican side."

Robinson said that's wishful thinking.

"They're clearly spinning like tops, and that's because we're ahead," he said. "They've finally woken up and realized you have to run a field operation, but they're still way behind us."

Both sides are kicking the campaigns into high gear with surrogates criss-crossing the state in an effort to remind their respective supporters that they can vote early through Nov. 3, or on Election Day.


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Myers Park Pat McCrory - I

Myers Park Pat McCrory - I hope he doesn't do for the state what he did for Charlotte which was leave with an unemployment rate and debt that doubled under his tenure.

Probably too busy taking millions of dollars from Duke Energy

Much higher

Much higher percentage of Republican early voters versus 2008 and more than enough to erase the margin. Tells the whole story. Dem voting waning and Rep voting gaining in strength. Website Wally will be sitting on the sidelines come Nov 7 wondering what happened with all the mud he threw, how could he possibly lose?  McCrory will be initiating the plans he has to revitalize our state, bring it out of the comatose economic condition it has fallen into over the last 20 years. Sure Dems are scared, scared to death of a Governor from Charlotte finally bringing ethical responsibility to the state. The party is over for Dems, the gravy train runs dry.


So sorry.....everybody knows Wally is a little angel....he was there through it all...and just had to stand back and watch...poor little guy. Those big bully's made him agree with every word they said....and made him make the same policies. If anyone has watched him in the debates, should know he is not a angel, or a poor little guy. He is very aggressive and constantly on the attack, so I doubt Easley/Perdue made him follow them. He followed because he wanted to be just like them...........GOVERNOR

you render your comment useless..

.. when you include Dalton in your imagined conpiracy of cirruption. I stopped reading immediately. I suspect most people will do the same.  

People also know

People also know that most of the crap you talk about is minor in comparison to the corruption of Easley/Perdue/Dalton. Just wondering what will you whine about after the election?? I'm sure you will find something.....Like I cant believe Myers park Pat is Governor....The funny thing about that Myers park talking point is you never even consider that people smart enough to check out Dalton's house too.. Dalton is a rich guy too, probably more wealthy than Pat. Anyone who can run for statewide office is wealthy. Bev is mega rich...never hear you mention her humble home. In short, that kind of attack don't mean much. This election will be decided by unhappy democrats and unaffiliated voters. Hardcore Democrats would vote for Dalton if he had horns growing from his head. Republicans for the most part will support Pat in big numbers. So we will just have to wait 9 more days to see who will be our next governor.

People know that Pat McCrory

People know that Pat McCrory supported the GOP Right Wing Extremist Legislative's Leadership's efforts to enact a racist discriminatory voter id bill that would make it tougher for senior citizens and others to vote.

Pat McCrory supported a racist voter id bill that would make it much more difficult for senior citizens and disbled to exercise their constitutional right.

And the GOP Right Wing Extremist Legislative Leadership used up taxpayer dollars to debate the racist voter id bill instead of worrying about jobs and education.

But hey, what do you expect when the GOP Right Wing Extremist Legislative Leadership's top staff are sleeping with married corporate lobbyists.

all knowing

I guess you know how all those voters are casting their ballots?? No candidate can win in North Carolina without carrying Democrat, Republican, and Unaffiliated voters. With the Democrats holding a huge registration advantage they will play a big part in electing any candidate. With that being said...How do you know in which direction any voter will vote?? You could be surprised, all people are not straight ticket voters. It will all be settled in 10 days, the people will speak.

With these numbers - Republicans should be afraid, very afraid

Republicans are being beaten very badly - and they know it.  That is why Mitt Romney is running around like a chicken with his head cut off.  Republicans know that if they don't carry North Carolina - Mitt Romney is a dead duck.  If it looks like a duck; if it quacks like a duck; it's a duck - and Mitt Romney looks and quacks like a dead duck.

Oh Please, you mean to tell

Oh Please, you mean to tell me that the Republican hatred of President Obama is not fueling more GOP early vote. And you can't eally call it early vote anymore if 70% of the votes are cast by election day.

So of course the GOP and their tea bagger hatred of Barack Obama are voting at a higher rate than 2008. Mitt Romney and his special interests Super PACS have spent over $70 million in ads against Obama since March. McCain only spent about 10 million.

The key figure to look at is the African American percentage of the early vote which is significantly higher that 2008. You know they ain't voting for Williard Mitt Romney or Myers Park Pat "I am a lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute" McCrory who supports the Tillis Berger racist anti-suppression voter id bill.




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