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Democrats launch their first attack against Pat McCrory


The Democrats have begun running their first attack against against Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory. The ad is being run by a group called N.C. Citizens for Progress, but it is being financed by the Democratic Governor's Association. The group has made a $217,000 ad buy. Earlier in the week, the Republican Governor's Association began running TV ads linking Democrat Walter Dalton to Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue.

UPDATE: An attorney for McCrory's campaign has sent a letter to TV stations asking that they stop airing a commercial which it says is "deliberately false and misleading." "If you station dos not stop airing this advertisement after gaining knowledge that it contains false and misleading statements, you are subjecting your station to potential liability," writes Cleta Mitchell, the McCrory campaign lawyer.


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the alternative?

better than yet another democratic politician from raleigh

doesn't pat mccrory look

doesn't pat mccrory look like the warden from shawshank redemption

Democracks should love McCrory

like Charlotte did - heavily democrack city - voted him in 7 terms as Mayor...shows

how lieberal he operated as a RINO  there ...   (NOW, he CLAIMS he's SO

conservative)   At least he's a choice other than perpetuating another democrack

'led' NC administration.    Democracks have RUINED our once great state, and

McCrory had better get tough!

Does North Carolina really

Does North Carolina really want a lobbyist from Charlotte as it's Governor?

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