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Democrats eye lieutenant governor's race

UPDATED: Amid the Democratic scramble in the governor's race, another tier of political names are considering a bid to replace Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton in the state's No. 2 post.

Dalton announced Thursday he would seek the governor's mansion. Among the Democratic names being mentioned as possible candidates: former U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham (see below), Sen. Don Vaughn of Greensboro, Sen. Malcolm Graham of Charlotte and former U.S. Senate candidate Ken Lewis. Former state Rep. Linda Coleman is also exploring a run and expects to make a decision next week.


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Cal Cunningham is the frontrunner

As the only potential candidate for Lieutenant Governor with a previous statewide campaign behind him, Cal Cunningham is easily the frontrunner.  To top that, Cunningham is a highly decorated military hero of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Cunningham's outstanding record in law, the legislature and the military simply places him on another level in contrast to the others in the field.


LINDA COLEMAN !!!   Yes, if the political gods have any sense of humor at all .... Please let this "piece of work" run.  Why not?  If Joe Biden can be Vice Prez surely Linda Coleman would be a certified hoot as Lt Guv.

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