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Democrats call out GOP on "war on women"

About two dozen Democratic members of the General Assembly on Tuesday called on the Legislature to stop what has come to be called a Republican “war on women” in this state and across the country.

North Carolina Democrats cite as evidence two things the GOP-controlled Legislature has done: taken away funding for Planned Parenthood and required women seeking abortions to be given narrated ultrasound exams, including invasive vaginal ultrasounds. But they also point to program cuts in last year’s budget that they say especially harm women and families.

Orange County Democrat Rep. Verla Insko cited $1.7 million in program cuts, including for rape crisis centers, domestic violence programs, women at risk programs and programs for women probationers.

 “These are programs we fought over the years to add, and our progress is being wiped out in one budget,” Insko said at a news conference the lawmakers held in the state Legislative Building.

The Democrats have introduced bills to restore the Planned Parenthood funding and to repeal the abortion bill. But, Rep. Alma Adams, a Democrat from Greensboro said, both bills have been buried in committees without hope for any action.

Last month, Rep. John Blust, a Republican from Greensboro, said he was tired of hearing about the so-called war on women. On Tuesday, Rep. Alma Adams, a Democrat from Greensboro, answered him.

“We’re tired of the war on women, too. But we’re going to keep talking about it until they stop treating women as if we can’t make decisions about our health and our children.”


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in response to Agent P

Not to mention the "War on Warren", with the GOP openly laughing at Harvard and US Sen candidate Elizabeth Whitebread Warren in MA posing as Native American to get a post at Harvard.

So would that come under the category of "War on Women" or War on "W.A.S.P.s"?

We need a list.....

We need a list of all these "Wars on....." that the Dems are spewing out by the hour.  I bet the N&O can come up with a on-going list for us.

Lordy Lordy, there must 6-8-10 of'em AT LEAST awaging as we speak if one believes the screeching Democs.  But no one but the screechers and their media pals do believe all that silliness.

Is there ANY bizarro coalition of at least three humans that has not had a "War on _____" declared in their honor by those silly Democs?  The "War On Psychotic Unicorns w/ Carpal Tunnel" is my favorite so far.

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