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Democratic poll suggests that Ellmers is undefined and vulnerable

The campaign of Democrat Steve Wilkins is distributing a poll that it commissioned that suggest that Republican Rep. Renee Ellmers is largely undefined in her district and is therefore vulnerable to a challenge.

The survey of voters in the 2nd congressional district show that 29 percent have a favorable impression of Ellmers, a freshman, 24 percent have an unfavorable impression, and 46 percent are neutral or don't know her. The survey was conducted for the Wilkins campaign by Public Policy Polling, a Democratic leaning firm based in Raleigh.

The poll also found that her job performance rating is 29 percent approval, 26 percent disapproval, with only 32 percent saying they would vote to re-elect her.

ThIn a head to head, the survey had her leading Wilkins by a 44 to 28 percent margin.

The legislature have moved Ellmers, who defeated Democratic incumbent Bob Etheridge two years ago, in a more GOP-leaning district. But they also placed her in a district where many voters have never before for her.

Thomas Mills, Wilkins' consultant, said the numbers suggest that Ellmers is vulnerable to a challenge, that it could be a sleeper race.

Wilkins, of Southern Pines, retired after 22 years in the Army as a lieutenant colonel including service in Iraq, and now works for Boeing. The poll, conducted August 16-21, interviewed 678 voters and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percent.


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I need my paycheck

I think Congresswoman Ellmers just defined herself.


As I have received direct mail from Renee Ellmers, and email for Steve Wilkins, I just checked for certain, and I am not in this district after all. The only way not to be confused is to go to the Board of Elections site and see a sample ballot. WTF...

Typos in story

Please correct "thin" for "then"
Also missing"heard" in voters not having "heard" of Wilkins
Also, with redistricting, I only recently realized Ellmers/Wilkins was my district.

@Rob Christensen, I appreciate all your efforts to emphasize to Wake County voters that Wilkins is our candidate, from Durham, despite his Southern Pines area (Moore county?)residence.

Please more education about redistricting effects for us native North Carolinians that are still unclear about the new districts and therefore who our candidates are. Thank you!


And as typical with Demopublican polls, does not include the Libertarian candiate.

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