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Democratic Party chairman owes thousands in back taxes

From AP: Court records show the new head of the North Carolina Democratic Party owes nearly $290,000 in back taxes and penalties.

Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller was elected party chair this month following the stinging defeats for Democrats in the November election.

Records show the North Carolina Department of Revenue in filed a 2010 lien against Voller and his wife with a remaining balance of nearly $99,000. The following year, the Internal Revenue Service filed a second lien with a remaining balance of nearly $190,000.

Voller said Wednesday his real estate development business was a casualty of the national economic downturn, which triggered a credit freeze in his industry. Voller said he is making monthly payments to the state and is negotiating with the IRS to settle his debt by year's end.


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The economy has improved under Obama

So why can't he pay his taxes. The media tells us each day that Obama has brought back the days of wine and roses. How many new jobs has Obama created? 44,000,000?

voller taxes

Voller is correct to blame the economy for his business tanking. Perhaps he needs to be reminded, though, that it is the Obama economy that caused his troubles. Duh.

If everybody owed $286,000 in back tax?

If everybody owed $286,000 in back taxes would be be able to operate the government?

So you are proud of Voller?

Voller is the best the NC Democrats have to offer?

Timmy Geithner blamed Turbo Tax and this guy is blaming the economy. It's always someone else's fault.

Randy Voller Pays His Taxes

This is a non-story. Every businessman I know negotiates his taxes with the state and federal governments. Who planted this ridiculous attack on Randy Voller? The amount of Randy Voller's taxes means that he pays a huge amount toward the education, protection and healthcare of North Carolinians. I am glad that we have at least one political leader who knows what causes a recession -- economic austerity and a credit freeze -- and who will fight against those policies in the future.

This will get more Republicans to join the Democratic Party

Many people say that the rich people prefer the Republicans because they offer tax cuts for the rich.

But the Democrats will steal away many rich Republicans with this plan. Not paying your taxes is much, much better than any tax rate decrease. The Voller Tax Plan will be very popular.

You can have your tax cuts. I'll take not paying any day!!!!

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