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Democratic opposition to Holding remains unclear

So, will it really be a slam-dunk for George Holding in the November general election contest for the 13th Congressional District? Holding won handily last night, and the redrawn district is strongly Republican.

Plus, there was no strong Democratic opponent. The man who got the most votes, Charles Malone, had said he was dropping out of the race due to health problems.

But in the light of the day after, Malone isn’t so sure what’s going to happen. He’s feeling better after a scare involving his heart (not a heart attack) and concern over a family history of heart problems. He said he has been reconsidering for a few weeks.

He said this morning he’s continuing to talk with the Democratic Party to see if they can come up with a viable candidate. An executive committee of Democrats in the district can select his replacement. If not, it’s possible he would run after all.

“We don’t want there to be a guessing game, leaving voters wondering,” Malone said. “I’m sorry there has been this doubt. But we’re all human and you have to pay attention to these things and make sure you’re doing the right  thing for your family as well as the public. If you can’t govern yourself, you have no business telling other people what to do.”

Malone said he is honored to have won the primary, taking all nine counties and finishing with almost 67 percent of the vote. He  noted that about 68,000 people cast Democratic ballots compared to the 85,000 GOP ballots.  And he didn’t spend a cent campaigning.

Malone, 64, is an equal employment opportunity officer at the state Department of Natural Resources. He ran against Republican Sen. Neal Hunt in 2010.

He said he hopes to have a clearer picture by the end of the day.


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Does not matter. Holding

Does not matter. Holding will buy the election just like he bought the primary.

Who else could run?

Grier Martin?

Richard Moore?

Bob Etheridge?

Andy Griffith?

Could Hampton Dellinger move to Raleigh in time?

ABG -- Anybody But George!

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