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Democratic lawmaker: Give a penny, hire a state worker

N.C. Rep. Bill Faison wants to rebrand the little cup that holds pennies at cash registers: Give a penny, hire a state worker.

The Cedar Grove Democrat pitched a  plan Thursday to reverse the state jobs cut in this year's budget by reinstating the one penny sales tax -- a plan he asks Republicans to consider during next week's special session. He says the sales tax would draw $1.1 billion in revenue and it would cost just much less to rehire the 6,455 state employees whose positions were eliminated in the budget that took effect July 1.

Republicans pounced on the Democrat's idea. "New taxes do not create private sector jobs, and this proposal suggests that Representative Faison and North Carolina Democrats don’t understand that fact," spokesman Rob Lockwood said in a statement.

But it's tough to smear all Democrats with Faison's paint. He stood behind the podium at the Legislative Building by himself, though he made vague references to support from members of his caucus. And even Faison acknowledged upon questioning that his plan is dead on arrival.


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Not a new tax - the tax that just lapsed. Everyone is willing and ready to pay a penny for josb to come back. HEY GOP - private sector jobs were cut because of the CUTS you made to public sector. Ever hear of people doing business with the STATE?????


This is a good plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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