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Democratic lawmaker Bill Faison airs TV ad

UPDATED: As more political observers (here and here), begin to take note of Democratic state Rep. Bill Faison's political ambitions -- who could possibly challenge to Gov. Bev Perdue -- the Orange County lawmaker is airing another television advertisement.

Faison's 30-second TV spot features him speaking directly into the camera and declaring "we have jobs crisis in our state." Faison then uses the opportunity tout his jobs plan and asks for the public's help to pressure the Republican-controlled legislature to hear it. "We can fix this," he concludes.

The ad aired Sunday morning on WRAZ-50 in Raleigh during the political affairs show N.C. Spin. It appears identical to one he aired on WCNC-TV's "Flashpoint" in November. Faison's aide Jeanne Bonds said the ad will air the next three Sundays during N.C. Spin. The cost of the buy is $3,000.

Faison recently loaned his campaign $500,000. His plans for the money remain unknown. But the ad will surely only increase speculation about Faison's plans.


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His Plan

Although he may be a golden fellow with great ambition and intentions, his plan is simply to tax the hell out of people, including himself, and basically give it away. This will serve only to further degrade people's work ethic and pursuit of their own self-interest. Constant and massive government intervention has gotten us here, it certainly will not get us out.

The issues

I applaud Bill Faison for speaking on the ISSUES!  The ISSUES that matter to many people.  Those of us who are struggling to pay their bills because they haven't had a raise in 4-5 years, those who are unemployed and have been for 1-2 YEARS and those who are under-employed.  ALL of whom are trying to stay afloat any way they can. 

Meanwhile, you display pettiness and liable.   Who does your pettiness help? Since your willing to quote Lindy's petition, why not quote Bill's response.  Could be very interesting!  Or is it that you have another agenda. 

One can only hope others will choose to follow his example, rather than yours.  The good of our State depends on it.


i doubt i agree with you on much--but you're dead on on this one-- funny as hell too- maybe there is common ground to be found.

You're kinda late Roy. chris

You're kinda late Roy.

chris brown

Faison has to lie to win

Wrong Bill. To win political office, you gotta lie, lie, lifelike Roy Cooper did to win his job saying his lawyer charged him and other taxpayers "$25,000 an hour in lawyer fees." Tell about Beverly and the highway patrolman. Except that ain't a lie.

chris brown

Different variety of squirrel

Faison is a different variety of goofy squirrel than Dumplin'; but definitely a goofy squirrel.  Dumplin' likely will have a primary challenger as she continues to shoot her little toes off daily.   But this dude won't be of any significance.

Bill Faison

Established a home for his four children for their safety and well-being and for his own personal safety. 

Single Dad

Talk about spin by a guy who ran out on his wife leaving her with all the bills.  Sorry Bill, you are as slimy as they get.



As a single Dad, Bill is focused on what is happening right now and the future of all of our kids-- quality jobs and the education that leads to those jobs, and energy sources that protect our States’ resources while allowing us to grow our economy. The safety, security and promise of a prosperous future depends on the policies we enact now, and these policies will provide the foundation all working, middle class North Carolina families need for their safety and security as we face economic challenges. 

This is an issue ad and we sought direction from the NC SBOE on how to run an ISSUE AD so it has been run properly with proper citation. In engaging an issue campaign, Bill travels on his OWN expense and does not need to take flights from anyone since he is a pilot himself. But usually his cousin and others drive with him like all of us regular folks in NC. 

He can use his own millions

He can use his own millions for flights rather than dealing with us low lifes to give him a ride.  He is a John Edwards wantabe, already has his money, now he wants his power.  Problem is he is not as smart as Edwards.  Just a political hack that is on par with Bev and McCrory.  If you put all three in a sack and blended them, what came out would not be fit to hold the high office of dog catcher.

Looked like a candidate to me.

Bill is getting his picture out there.  Is he flying around the state on private planes?  That is normally a very good indicator. 

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