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Democratic House candidate's party affiliation mysteriously changes online

A candidate  for the state House was startled to discover she’s a Republican, as far as the state voter registration online database is concerned.  Not only is it not true, but Jenifer Bubenik is the Democratic candidate for state representative from Johnston County.

“I freaked out a little bit,” said Bubenik, a Clayton woman who is making her first run for public office, against longtime Republican incumbent Rep. Leo Daughtry.

Fortunately, her correct party affiliation will be correct on the ballot, she said. Bubenik said Friday she went down to the Johnston County Board of Elections to straighten things out.

She was told that someone had changed her party affiliation in the computer system within the past month, she said, but no one knows why or how. She filled out a new form, but as of Friday evening, she’s still listed as a Republican.

Bubenik, who owns a small gourmet sausage ball catering business, says she registered to vote in 2010 upon returning to North Carolina from a stint in the Peace Corps.

“It’s upsetting,” she said. “When people who are on the ballot are getting changed, that’s of dangerous.”

Earlier this month, a Raleigh woman’s affiliation was changed from independent to Republican when she submitted a change of address during a GOP registration drive. She also discovered the error – or the intentional sabotage – when she went online to find out where her new polling place would be.


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Bubenik's political affiliation changed

Election officials need to follow the computer algorithms back to the culprit. There are electronic footprints that cannot be erased.

The answer lies...

... in those sausage balls. There could be anything in there.

We need more sausage balls bills in the NCGA!

State Election Hacking Investigation - Immediate Priority

Election hacking is a stealthy plague on the United States of America.  The State Board of Elections should launch a cyber investigation into this case as promptly as possible.  No stone should be left unturned.  Heads should roll.

Johnston County

I would be surprised if she had done it herself....

Let's think this through....she made a lucid decision to run in JOCO, against Leo, and she has a "D" beside her name?  Something tells me she did not do much homework, or, she lacks a little intellectual wattage.

Leo = bulletproof....and, he is a good man.

You know what they say about

You know what they say about seeing politics and sausage balls made.

There is nothing more

There is nothing more suspect than sausage ball caterers.  A more dangerous bunch exists nowhere.

Please investigate

State Bd of Elections should check into this. Isn't there an IT person who can verify which employee was logged on and made the change? If there's a problem, track it down.

I suspect sabotage, possibly  by another small gourmet sausage ball caterer. You know how they are.

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