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Democratic governor's race gets more crowded

The list of Democratic candidates for governor now sits at three -- and none of them are the top tier candidates still expected to enter the race.

Earlier today we wrote about virtual unknown Gary Dunn joining state Rep. Bill Faison in the race. Now add Gardenia Henley to the list.

Henley ran House District 72 in 2010 and lost in the Democratic primary -- by more than 50 percent -- to Rep. Earline Parmon. Interested in knowing more about her, read her blog detailing pet issue: election fraud.

Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton is expected to file next week. Former Congressman Bob Etheridge says he is running but hasn't filed the official paperwork yet. And two others are still considering it.


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agree with unafflated and:

“Bob Etheridge stand as he portrayed the Republican legislature as hurting education, from secondary and elementary schools to the universities, where he said top college professors were now leaving because of low salaries.” The Republican legislature is not the ones hurting education as far as schools, universities and colleges- it is those within that have opted to pay a sports coach more than an educator that is the culprit. Seems to me that when sports becomes more important than academics it hurts everyone else down the line and those teachers and or professors are realizing they are losing the battle in salaries offered by those intuitions.

Unaffiliated Voter

As a lifelong Democrat (voted for McGovern) who moved to "unaffiliated" as we entered the new century, the following is of concern to me. Is there a Democrat candidate or potential Democrat candidate who believes that the State of North Carolina is fully capable of running its own K-12 public school systems without interference from "progressives" in Washington?   Is there a potential conservative-minded Democrat candidate who agrees with my disgust with our Governor standing by quietly during the "Obamacare" fiasco rather than asking our states senators and representatives to "publicly" inform Washington bureaucrats that North Carolina was fully capable of managing a state-level program to protect the health of its working-age citizens!  Do we want our States infrastructure to depend on Washington-furnished "free money" borrowed from China . . . ?

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