Under the Dome

Democratic flier features a bombed-out state Capitol

The Capitol Building looks like a bomb scene from Baghdad or Bosnia in Democrat Erv Portman's new mailer. Terrorists? Sherman? Nope, the legislature.

"The North Carolina legislature is broken. It's time for a businessman to fix it," the caption reads.

The altered image shows a corner of the Capitol decimated with several windows shattered and a pile of rubble on the sidewalk. The Democratic Party paid for the ad, which Portman approved. A spokesman said it is a stock image but couldn't identify the original image. He is seeking a state Senate seat vacated by retiring Sen. Richard Stevens.

Not to mention: the legislature doesn't meet at the Capitol. Portman may need directions if elected.

In an interview Wednesday, the Democrat said he knows it's not the legislative building. "I don't know why my ad people did that. I guess it's just more iconic of state government," he said.

--Staff writer Andy Kenney contributed to this report.


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This flier and others

We'd love a copy of Mr. Portman's flier and any others from political candidates around the state  for our collections of political ephemera at the North Carolina Collection of the University Library of UNC-Chapel Hill.  We document the heritage of the state—and that includes our politics. We have a good political ephemera collection–fliers, postcards, fundraising letters, etc.–and it has grown in recent years through donations from friends of the collection. Since 2008 we have received over 1,400 pieces of campaign ephemera from across the state.

Please send fliers,  postcards, fundraising letters to:

Political Ephemera, North Carolina Collection

P.O. Box 8890

Wilson Library, CB 3930

Chapel Hill, NC 27515-8890

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