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Democratic convention in Charlotte will focus attention on gay rights

As Charlotte and North Carolina take the national spotlight for this year's Democratic National Convention, one area will get particular scrutiny: the region's climate for gays and lesbians.

September's convention comes on the heels of a statewide ballot question in May, where voters will decide whether a ban on same-sex marriage should be written into North Carolina's constitution. The timing highlights a possible source of tension come DNC time: Will lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) visitors feel welcome here? And what impressions of Charlotte will they take back with them to the rest of the nation?

"There's the potential that we're going to be greeted to the state with another one of those heinous marriage amendments," said Jerame Davis, interim executive director with the D.C.-based National Stonewall Democrats, a grassroots Democratic gay-rights organization. "That's definitely not putting out the welcome mat to LGBT people coming to the state."

Jeremy Kennedy is campaign manager with The Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families, which is organizing a grassroots statewide campaign focused on defeating the amendment. With plans to open a Charlotte office by the end of January, Kennedy said the group wants to build a lasting movement. Read more from The Charlotte Observer here.


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Why wasn't the issue of

Why wasn't the issue of homosexual marriage not included in the original US Constitution or the original NC State Constitution?  

I'm a happy homophobe

30 states have banned homosexual marriage in their state constitutions since 2005. When you consider how hard it is to amend a state constitution, that is nothing less than astonishing. I predict that the Marriage Amendment will pass in North Carolina and Minnesota. I predict that Iowa and New Hampshire will repeal within 2 years because their citizens are chomping at the bit to do so. That leaves about 8 to10 states with laws against homosexual marriage, but nothing in their state constitutions, and more than half of those are conservative states. Do the math. Only 38 states are required to amend the U.S. Constitution and that number is already largely present. So no matter what the Supreme Court does, the radical homosexuals are doomed to lose this battle.

I'm a happy homophobe and I'm feeling pretty happy about the odds of preserving marriage intact. I don't believe that Americans are foolish enough to open a Padora's Box that would lead to polygamy and God knows what else. Once homosexual marriage is out of the box, there is absolutely no logical reason for the courts to say no to the rest.

Facts and polling vs. the vote

In the case of North Carolina the vote will be more important than facts and polling.   Us bigots will use our ignorance to determine which way to vote.  It is a shame that bigoted people get a chance to vote.  And those ignorant people are always turning up.  We need a literacy test, a bigotry test and an ignorance test to determine if one can cast a vote.  And a test to determine which basketball team they pull for.  That is the only way forward. 

Don't let facts and polling stop your bigoted ignorance

General public support of marriage equality has climbed year after year. The most recent Pew Research poll confirms this with a national majority now narrowly favoring marriage equality:

This percentage will only increase with time. Indeed, who knows how high general public support will climb as the months pass during this year?

Gay rights and democrat convention

That will be great.The vast majority are against homosexuals from marrying and that is nationwide.Let the dems and other leftiest wrap themselves in that tar baby for the nation to see.

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