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Democratic chairmen candidates to debate Saturday

The two candidates for state Democratic Party chairman will Saturday in Raleigh to discuss their plans for leading the party.

Former state Sen. Eric Mansfield of Fayetteville and Pittsboro Mayor Randy Voller will meet at a forum at 1:30 at Mount Peace Baptist Church, located at 1601 Martin Luther King Drive. The event will be live streamed at and will be available on Youtube after the debate.


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Blame it on three reasons

Women aren't running for Chair of the state party and haven't been hired for Exec Director either because the NC Democratic Party basically consists of these three groups:

-- The Party remains largely in control of the good ole boy network. They are the ones with the money. They think mostly of protecting their business interests. They aren't all that keen on supporting women's rights and see it only as a tool to win them more votes. They accept women in power reluctantly.

-- Another group contributing to what direction the Party goes in consists of the existing African-American Party power elite, which is quite old and resisting young black leadership (unless they hand pick them). While there are outstanding black women serving in office all over NC, this group almost always backs men for the higher offices. It's as if there is an unspoken pact to try and overcome the strong black woman / irresponsible black man stereotype that exists in our society. Unfortunately, strong black women pay the price for that othewise good intention.

-- Then there are the progressives, who have been used by the other two groups to do the actual work in the Party for the past eight to ten years. These people talk too much, and haven't yet caught on to the fact that they have the power to take over the Party, if they would start from the precinct level and work upwards. They spent too much of their time debating resolutions (which go nowhere) and not enough time grooming good candidates. They also haven't figured out the money angle or found a candidate with enough mainstream appeal to prove the money would be there if they needed it. They don't understand that candidate would like be a woman -- ala Elizabeth Warren -- and well, quite frankly, most progressive men over the age of 40 (the ones with more power in the Party) want to tell women where to stand and hold their protest signs like the good old days of the 60's. They don't want them actualy thinking for themselves because they already have enough women in their lives telling them they are full of crap. They do NOT make room at the table for women, unless the women are heading up the volunteer committees or doing the actual work. (Current candidate for Party Chair Randy Voller is not like this.)

Aren't you glad you asked? :)

No women stepped up to run.

No women stepped up to run. For the record, A woman did run for State Party Chair two years ago.

No women

Why aren't there any women in the running to become Democratic Party Chair?

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