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Democratic black sheep John Edwards didn't get a DNC credential

This news won't surprise many politicos in North Carolina: John Edwards was not invited to the Democratic National Convention.

It went without saying, but The Weekly Standard couldn't resist: "When asked whether John Edwards has been invited to next month's Democratic National Committee's convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, a Democratic convention official had only one word for THE WEEKLY STANDARD: 'No.'"

Edwards, the state's former U.S. senator, once stood on the big stage at the convention in 2004 as the vice presidential candidate. 


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This is so sad

I hate to hear this.  John is the only one working for the poor.  Surely they could extend him an invite.  He would most certainly energize the Democratic base!

If they let John speak they would not have to beg people to show up.  The place would be packed.  Women would be fainting and the EMT's would be working overtime.  Biden would be grinning thinking all the ladies were swooning over him. 

It is time to welcome John back to the fold.  Hope & Change.  That's the ticket.  We forgave Bill Ayers after all.  What John did was not nearly as bad as that!

A McClatchy VIP Guest ??

Oh come on.  Surely Robbie C can get his old pal in as his special guest.  Have John carry Rob's reporter's notebook, maybe.

But what about Rielle? Rielle Who?

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