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Democrat Walter Dalton amps up racial rhetoric in governor's race

DemocratWalter Dalton's campaign is elevating its racial rhetoric in the governor's race, releasing a web video Thursday that says Republican "Pat McCrory just doesn't understand the African-American experience."

Earlier in the week, a surrogate for Dalton called McCrory's latest TV ad "race-baiting disguised as political vision."

The minute-long video is only appearing on a Dalton website right now (despite the  campaign calling it an "ad") but a spokesman says a shorter version is being developed for a future television commercial.

McCrory's campaign spokesman Brian Nick said Dalton "continues to make deeply offensive and negative attacks against Pat McCrory in a desperate and pathetic attempt to salvage his floundering campaign."

The video hammers McCrory with charge after charge repeating the words "he just doesn't understand. "What kind of person would willfully harm so many North Carolinians," asked Dan Blue III, the son of Democratic state Sen. Dan Blue and a party official, apparently referring to McCrory's support for Republican budget cuts to education.

Toward the end, the speakers in the video pivot to tout Dalton's candidacy. 

McCrory's spokesman said Dalton's efforts won't work. "Dalton's continued flagrant political attacks won't improve his standing in the polls because North Carolinians are looking for a leader like Pat McCrory with the experience and vision to fix the state's broken economy and broken government," he said in a statement.


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Democrats cant break 200yr Racism habit!

This week on Townhall dot com!

Perhaps Ann Coulter's most magnificent essay to date!  WOW !!!

EVERY democrackkk needs to read this NOW and pass it on to everyone you know!


I become more and more racist with every passing black candidate whining about racism.

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