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Debra Goldman invoking Pat McCrory in last-minute campaign video

The latest YouTube video from Debra Goldman, the Republican nominee for state auditor, has an image that GOP gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory could probably live without right now.

In the video Goldman released Sunday, she includes a photo of McCrory happily standing beside her as she talks about looking forward to working with him. But amid recent news reports about a 2010 police report of a burglary at Goldman's home, McCrory has distanced himself to the point of praising Beth Wood, the incumbent Democratic state auditor.  

"Despite the mud that I and my children have been dragged through, I am more committed than ever to serve the people of North Carolina because I know the auditor's office needs new management, because I know North Carolina needs a new direction away from the Bev Perdue, Beth Wood culture of corruption and towards the new responsible governorship of Pat McCrory and our team of Republican candidates," Goldman says in the video.

Also in the video, Goldman charges that "incumbent Democrat Beth Wood has been an accomplice to the Democrat culture of corruption that needs to end on Tuesday."

But in the last gubernatorial debate on Oct. 24, McCrory said Wood has "done a good job."

"She at least had the courage to stand up to the Perdue Administration on some broken government issues that someone needed to stand up to," McCrory said at the debate. "And frankly, she was the only member of the Council of State who did stand up to the broken government of both the Easley and Perdue administrations."


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GOP - The Party of Family

GOP - The Party of Family Values - GOP Legislative staffers paid 150K sleeping with married lobbyists, GOP legislative leaders embezzling millions in stimulus dollars, and last but not least the GOP nominee for Governor a lobbyist who represents big oil, big insurance and was paid millions by Duke Energy.

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