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Debra Goldman announces for state auditor

Wake County school board member Debra Goldman announced today that she would run for the position of state auditor.

In her announcement, the Cary Republican argued that she would be the watchdog that she charges has been lacking in the position now held by Democratic incumbent Beth Wood, who is seeking re-election. Goldman charged that Wood and Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue “have excelled in both creating and ignoring scandals."

"The taxpayers of North Carolina have grown fearful of the end result of the increasing number of public financial scandals, reports of fiscal mismanagement, and the dire emergency resulting from shoddy and fraudulent Medicaid casework," Goldman says in a statement. "Even worse, North Carolinians have lost faith and confidence in their elected officials to the point of becoming cynical of their own state government and inured to the abuse of trust by our elected officials."

A member of the Republican majority elected to the board in 2009, Goldman becomes the third GOP-backed member to announce plans to run for higher office this year. Board member Chris Malone is running for a seat in the General Assembly and John Tedesco is running for state schools superintendent.

Goldman broke ranks with her Republican colleagues on several issues, including Tedesco’s plan to draw up a new zone-based assignment system. The fall election of a new Democratic majority to the school board means Goldman faces being in the minority through the rest of her term, which expires 2013.

Goldman points to her independent streak in her announcement.

“While serving as a leading member, and Vice-Chair of the 16th largest public school system in America, I have always led in the fight to put reform ahead of partisanship,” Goldman said in her statement. “Some would call that being a ‘maverick,’ some have even called that being a ‘watchdog.’ While I was leading that effort on a local level, I can safely say that I saw nothing of that kind of leadership in the higher levels of our state government.”

 - By staff writers T. Keung Hui and Rob Christensen


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These comments from the liberal "democrat.crazies' are amusing! They have no issues, no facts, no records (except negative) and the only things they can comment on is, "spelling"! Gimme a "break", are you kidding me? Hey! Morons! How about the Economy, Unemployment, Taxes, National Security (ohh! forget about that..these

panty sniffers believe that Al Queda are our friends).. I think, we should load up all the liberals and ship their sorry asses to Irag. Good Bye! Oh, I bet you won't be coming back! Yeh!!!!

"shooting fish in a barrel"?

"shooting fish in a barrel", Isn't that a "harsh" statement coming from a "liberal, panty sniffer"? Why not say, "let us, "whip you. girlfriend"?


"Who are you"?

Your're kidding, "right"?"!

Please tell us, that you are not that "stupid"! Beth Wood came in under the Obama "coat tail"! So did Beverly Perdue, Walter Dalton and all the other Liberal flunkies! 

There is "no way" these "misfits" could have been elected if they had to run for themselves!

Not a Liberal?

Change your user name, sweetheart (Notaliberal)..Daaaa???

I suggest "pantyboy"....

douce bag-comment

Actually, I am Scottish, and also, an American Citizen. I do not consider my comments as insulting, rather I am trying to understand, why anyone born in America would forsake traditional values of Religion, Freedom, Loyality to God and Country and pursue the Liberal agenda of "anything and everything you want to do is OK"! 

Maybe, my spelling is not always to your "liking", but by your comments, I see that I am getting my message across. 

As far as my use of the term "doucebag" or "dousebag".. I feel that it was and is appropriate, because I have a close friend, a creditable friend that is working now, in the State Auditor's Office, he/she gives me and others feedback as to the corruption goings on, via Beth Wood. I do not know where you get your information, but mine is "hands on".. You need to wake up and get out of the "always was and always will be a Democrate" mentality" And "moron", I believe you "yanks" use the term to describe folks that are below "idiots"!

If you're going to insult people...

... it's always best to learn how to spell first. Otherwise, calling someone else a "moron" ends up being nothing more than ironic. 

Unless you meant "doucebag" -- is that.... an air bag in a deuce coupe?  Are you Scottish perhaps? Wait, my bad. The Urban Dictionary confirms it is indeed a word:


1. douce bag  
misspelling for douche bag commonly used by actual douchebags

bottom of the barrel?

I've watched Debra Goldman, in action (as you say), but I see a different picture.

Honesty, fair, truthful and always in the best interest of children!

I have serious doubts, from your comments, that "you" personally have ever watched a session of the Wake County School Board. More than likely, I believe that you were "one" of those pitiful little attention "want-a-be-important" throw-backs from the 60's hippy generation.

Well, sir or madam or "half & half", I got news for you. Debra Goldman is going in and the "doucebag" is going home...Have a good day, moron!

Debra Goldman is a train wreck...

.. and anyone who has watched her in action on the Wake School Board knows it. She is obnoxious, ill-prepared, polarizing, disliked by virtually anyone who comes in contact with her and would be a terrible choice to run a department of our state. Her candidacy for this position is insanity. I can only assume conservative dreams of her in one statewide office and John Tedesco in another blinded the GOP in this instance. They're really scaping the bottom of the barrel here. 

Easy out?

Want'a bet, sweetie?

Beth Wood? Where you from?

In the words of, no doubt, "one" of your heroes, "who are you? Who are you?
No! Let me guess! You are either on the Beth Wood Campaign, work at the State Auditor's Office and being told to post this stupid comment or you are an idiot!
Pick one!

Debra Goldman for State Auditor

Well, Well! I see the "Panty Boys" are out in force! Hey, cutie pies! you'all afraid an "honest, conservative" may get in the office and spoil liberal corruption?  Yeah! Yeah! we hear you "fruitys" every election year. Don't have any issues, facts nor "hell, you know" so you turn to name calling, ranting, threats and anything that might turn the voters against Conservative Candidates!! well, sweethearts, I got news for you. Debra Goldman is going to be the next State Auditor and Beth Wood is going back to "haunting houses"! Oh! and for the record, The Office of State Auditor has never, repeat never been an CPA requirement. It's a management job, not an auditing position...Daaaaaaa!!!! That's why they have CPA auditors on the payroll!

Beth Wood isn't part of the Easley/Perdue camp

I don't know what CaryCurmudgeon is getting at, but Beth Wood is not part of the Perdue/Easley crew and has been a more than effective State Auditor.  

If everyone from "up north"

If everyone from "up north" went packing tomorrow, this area would go right back to being Mayberry RFD.  Then again, every village needs an idiot, so there's your chance. 

And NC seems to do a pretty good job of turning out its own stream of corrupt candidates like Easley, Black, Perdue, etc., so I don't think northerners coming to town is the issue here.


I'll be glad to show her and the rest of those morons a map to I-95 Northbound

Got to love her

Got to love her announcement.  Nothing about her or her qualificaitons only an attack on her opponent.  She needs to go back to Pennsylvania or where ever she came from.  Too many carpetbaggers her now.

Are you kidding me?

We have trust and confidence in Woody. Goldman will be an easy out. 


Goldman han't been 'picked' by anybody -- the picking will happen on May 8th.  Same as for the rest of the crew.

I could gratuitously insult your party's candidates also, but it'd be like shooting fish in a barrel. 


The above announcement does not mention any experience or educational background except for service on the Wake County school board.  Is this woman a CPA, a lawyer, or an investigator?  What does she know about financial controls?  Does she have any experience designing or working with accounting systems?  Has she ever managed an organization and budget?  What does she know about state government?  What does she know about the performance of Single Audits required in accordance with federal regulations?

BO, REPUBLICANS... sure can pick 'em! Four racist losers running for president, an idiot for governor, a moron for state schools superintendent, and now this...Debra Goldman...for state auditor, no less!

I've never seen a better recipe for getting your collective behinds kicked at the polls come election time. Good luck with your "team"! LOL

Can't Keep A Job?

This coming from a person who couldn't keep her seat on a local school board? Face facts, the GOTP lost its luster long ago.


On the WCPSS website under her bio, it says "Debra holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Advertising from Pennsylvania State University.".

I did not know that advertising majors also qualified as auditors. Does she have any experience auditing anything?

Not Qualified

This wannabe is not even a CPA. God help us !

And her qualifications

And her qualifications are?    Prom Queen?

wonder whether her son being arrested for robbing a Best Buy or her divorce filings where she told her husband she cheated on him and was going to continue to do so plus where she raided their joint bank accounts will be the key highlights she emphasizes as to how competent and qualfied she is?

what an idiot.

the children

Good to know Debra's all about the children and not the money...oh, wait...?


I hope that Ms. Goldman pays closer attention to numbers than she does words and punctuation. I'd like a well-read or  at least semi-educated college graduate as auditor--one who knows that you don't need an apostrophe in "That taxpayer's have grown..."

No doubt, we need a new

No doubt, we need a new state auditor, all part of rooting out the corruption from Easley/Perdue and their forbears that has put a stain on our great state.  But I gotta believe the Republicans can come up with a better candidate.  Many voters will be turned off by stories of her cheating on her husband, and threatening to continue doing it.  They will take a hard look at what Goldman did to get her own daughter a school transfer, and whether it passed the sniff test.  Come on, reps, find somebody more competitive.

Many on the right

will hammer Debra as much if not more than Steve Ford.

added to Stevie's list

And Debra's name is promptly added to N&O op/ed editor Stevie Ford's "hit list" to denigrate and destroy if at all possible. Actually the N&O simply moves Debra's name from Keung Hui's hit list to Stevie's list.

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