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Dean Smith endorses Obama

Dean Smith has endorsed Barack Obama.

The legendary UNC-Chapel Hill basketball coach, who previously campaigned for John Edwards, announced in an e-mail to Obama supporters today that he was backing the Democratic presidential candidate.

"I have written that when coaching a team, you must be prepared to make changes to meet new challenges and obstacles," he said. "We must be prepared to do the same as a nation." 

He added that Obama is "a patriotic American, a committed Christian" and "a good family man." 


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Re: Dean Smith endorses Obama

Re: Dean Smith endorses Obama

Dean has been a great BB coach, and a flub with his views. His take on politics and religion are off the beaten path. To say he is "left" is the same as saying water is wet. Try containing your influence to getting great recruits to UNC, and stay out of politics Dean.

Re: Dean Smith endorses Obama

Wake Forest alum Josh Howard endorsed Obama.

Re: Dean Smith endorses Obama

Despite this endorsement by the head tarhole, I will still be voting for Obama. I just hope we can counteract this with one from Coach Lowe. Something, I just don't like voting in lines with the nose.


You're voting McCain, so you obvioulsy already own stock in Depends. Don't project your portfolio and angst on a North Carolina hero.

Re: Dean Smith endorses Obama

I'M SHOCKED !!!! just SHOCKED!!! Deano is further Left than Pelosi and Bill Ayers. Anyone who cares about his opinion is already deep into Obama.

Coach Smith, its time to change your Depends.

Re: Dean Smith endorses Obama

WOW! Talk about scoring! You tell 'em Dean!

Figure Four

Run out the clock Barack.

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