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Daves on Wright conviction

Linda Daves says Thomas Wright's troubles are not "an isolated incident."

In a statement today, the chairwoman of the N.C. Republican Party said that the former state representative's conviction on three counts of fraud are part of a problem with "entrenched Democrat power" in Raleigh.

Democrats have spent far too much time in courtrooms on the wrong side of justice instead of working for the interests of those who elected them. The fact that Mr. Wright used his position in the General Assembly to commit fraud is unacceptable. The fact that he did so by pocketing funds intended to be used for the benefit of the people of North Carolina is among the most egregious and reprehensible betrayals of the public trust.

She said that Republicans and Democrats should work together to "end the culture of corruption in Raleigh."


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Re: Daves on Wright conviction

On the national scene, for every Larry Craig, there was Jim McGreevey. For every David Vitter, there is an Eliot Spitzer.

But ya gotta admit - Frank Ballance, Jim Black, Thomas Wright, Meg Scott Phipps, Meredith Norris, Ken Geddings, the investigation of Mary McAllister, etc. All Democrats, or serving at the pleasure of Democrats.

That's a pretty impressive and embarrassing list of names to come out of one comparatively small group of elected state officials and public servants.

I believe Mrs. Daves is right. It's not an isolated incident. It comes from long terms in power believing they can do no wrong.

Re: Daves on Wright conviction

Just try not to curse, even if it's one of the less offensive words. I'm trying to keep these forums as open as possible, but all it takes is one Ted Vaden column on cursing in comments to change our policy.


— RTB 

Re: Daves on Wright conviction

Do you consider FFC1304 calling Democrats members of the KKK restrained??? His lies constantly offends me. There are republicans that were convicted of embezzling funds, ie. criminals; convicted of soliciting in a men's bathroom, ie. in the very words of the christian right a 'sex pervert'; and republican members of Congress convicted of performing acts of 'favors' for money from lobbyists! How is any of that 'Out of Bounds' or 'Not in good taste' ???

Re: Daves on Wright conviction

You're close to the line, there. Please try to be more restrained.

— RTB 

Re: Daves on Wright conviction

You can always count on the repoblicans to lie about everything they try to take a position on! Their entire party is one big criminal organization that consist of sex perverts and ladies of the evening that can be had for about two dollars.

Re: Daves on Wright conviction

Listen to this guy, folks. If it's in all caps, it must be true!

Daves doing a good job

Daves is at least showing some fight. That is more than could be said for the preceding administration.

Re: Daves on Wright conviction

Linda Daves is ABSOLUTELY correct! The depths of CORRUPTION that oppresses our once great state is ALL at the hands of sleazy democrackkks in NC!

WHO's NEXT???? I mean REALLY! WHO's NEXT??? Any bets???

STRIVE to be SMARTER than a NC democrackkk!

REGISTER UNaffiliated NOW!!! Friday April 11 is the deadline for the primary!!! HURRY!! Denounce the democrackkks and live better in NC!!!

Re: Daves on Wright conviction

Maybe the GOP could bring in Alphonso Jackson or Larry Craig to help lead a working group.

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