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Dalton makes it official: He will seek governor's office

Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton, the state's No. 2 Democrat, has launched his bid to replace Gov. Bev Perdue, who earlier today said she will not run for re-election.

He announced his intentions in this prepared statement:

"I believe that our future economy and better jobs depend on our historic commitment to education. After all, education is in North Carolina’s DNA – it's what sets us apart and it's what will determine our future. However, you can’t make progress if you are pointed in the wrong direction. Pat McCrory and the Republican leadership are facing the wrong way by cutting teachers, reducing scholarships and abandoning economic development. They are doing lasting damage to our state. I’ve dedicated my career to improving education at all levels and making North Carolina a great place to do business.

"Today, I'm announcing that I am running for Governor. Lucille and I love this state and we understand tough political races. I am the only candidate who has run and won statewide and I look forward to waging an aggressive campaign. Elections are about choices. As a state we must decide the direction in which we will turn. With this campaign, I choose to look ahead to a brighter future. I choose progress. I choose a future where public education is the foundation of our economy."


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We certainly do not need Pat  McCrory.  He was a terrible mayor, and will be a terrible governor!!!!!!!   GO   AWAY McCrory!!!!!!

Dalton is Easley/Perdue/Basnight Protoge

Dalton is another Rand, Basnight, Easley & Perdue clone.  With Dalton, all we would get is a continuation of the insanity that we have suffered through much of the past 12 years or more.  We can do better.  Mayor Pat, we need you.

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