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Dalton invested in companies listed as outsourcers

When Democratic candidate gubernatorial Walter Dalton put out a new ad Wedbesdat promising “no more outsourcing on jobs,” his Republican opponent, Pat McCrory was quick to point out that Dalton has invested at least $230,000 in companies that outsource jobs.

Noting the investments that Dalton had listed on his economic interest filing with the State Ethics Commission, the McCrory campaign said that Dalton had investments in 23 companies that CNN commentator Lou Dobbs said were “exporting America.''

They were Adobe Systems, AT&T, Bank of America, Caterpillar Inc., Chevron, Cummins Inc, EMC Corp., Exxon Mobil, General Electric Co., Goldman Sachs Inc, Intel Corp., J.P. Morgan, Johnson and Johnson, Lowes Companies Inc., Met Life Inc., Monsanto Co. New Del, Morgan Stanley & Co. Oracle Corporation, Pepsico Inc, Target Corp., United Health Group, United Technologies Corp., and Verizon Communications.

UPDATE: The Dalton campaign noted that McCrory had received consulting fees from Bentley Systems, which is on that Lou Dobbs list.

"The McCrory campaign's hypocrisy is astounding," said Schorr Johnson, Dalton's campaign spokesman. "Unlike Pat McCrory, Walter Dalton's income and investments are an open book. Walter Dalton released his tax returns months ago, but Pat McCrory thinks his tax returns are none of the people's business. Pat McCrory has strongly supported the failed Bush-Romney policies that have sent and will send North Carolina jobs overseas. Walter Dalton has a real, detailed plan to create jobs in North Carolina now and in the future. Finally, Walter Dalton's salary is public record and his investments are publicly available and are independently managed by a broker. We still don't know how Pat McCrory has made his fortune."

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