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Dalton fires back on 2001 budget

Walter DaltonWalter Dalton says Hampton Dellinger's recent attack is untrue.

Dellinger, a former staffer for Gov. Mike Easley, charged that Dalton cut education as a Senate budget writer during the 2001 recession.

The $14.4 billion budget included money for smaller class sizes in early grades, the "More at Four" pre-kindergarten program for underprivileged 4-year-olds and a pilot program to give bonuses to teachers who close the minority achievement gap.

Today, Dalton fired back, saying that he worked on the budget with the governor to make sure that cuts did not hurt schools.

"Because he has no record of accomplishment of his own, Hampton is once again distorting my record," Dalton said in a statement. "I don't remember seeing or hearing from Hampton in 2001 when he was a staffer for Gov. Easley."


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How about some facts?

Did he cut the education budget or not? Dalton's response suggests that he actually did cut the education budget, with the spin that doing so did not hurt schools.

I don't know if Dalton cut the education budget, but I do know that he supported cutting taxes on the wealthy last year, while keeping in place an across-the-board sales tax increase.

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